Etude House July 2015 Pink Bird Box (feat. Play 101 summer limited edition pencils, wonder pore line)

Etude House play 101The exciting time of the month, and I’m not talking about period because no one looks forward to periods (unless you are a vampire). This month’s pink bird box included some of their summer limited edition play 101 pencils, which I am already a big fan of so when I saw that they were in the box, I literally jumped up and down.  On top of that, I finally get to try the wonder pore line which I have been eyeing for a long time since I have blackhead warriors on my nose that comes back overnight because I have not found the perfect formula to combat them.  I’m hoping the wonder pore will do me wonders :).  Let’s get started~

IMG_7808This month’s contents :D.  They sent these through the email and the suspence was killing me!  I wanted to know what was the mystery gift (・_・ヾ.IMG_7810The main star of the show (♥ω♥*).

Etude House cleansing oilI was so surprised to see this many samples!  All of these products were recently released, and I had my eye on their cleansing oil (which I also already love).  Before I bought their moisture cleansing oil, I bought two of Shu Uemera’s famous cleansing oils since everyone that has used it praise it to the sky and back.  Surprisingly I don’t find Shu Uemera’s cleansing oil to be that great, I prefer Etude House.  I know I know, I totally don’t sound bias (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ.

Etude HouseThe only products I have tried from this sample stash are their cleansing oils, but they came out with more versions of it since it was such a hit.  Can’t wait to see what the differences are o(^▽^)o.  I’m also really into sunscreens right now since it is summer.  Still trying to find that perfect sunscreen that I have easier access to online.

All the products included:
Real art cleansing Oil Perfect
Real art cleansing oil moisture
Real art cleansing oil Mild
Pure water baobab moist toner
Pure water baobab moisturizer
Pure water baobab moist cream
Sunprise mild airy finish sunscreen
Silk scarf damage protein solution shampoo
Zero sebum white sebum clear
Zero sebum all day matte gel

Etude House wonder pore

You don’t know how excited I am to try this kit.  The amount of blackheads that rest on my nose is unreal, they just never want to go away!! I mean I cleanse my face everyday, not twice since I’m lazy, but at least a full routine every day before I sleep. I really hope this will help them go away and stay away.

Etude House wonder pore
IMG_7788Sadly I don’t understand hangul just yet but the illustrations are so cute hehe.


Etude House wonder pore skincareThe little kit comes with wonder pore deep foaming cleanser, their oh so famous wonder pore refreshenerwonder pore clearing emulsion, and wonder pore tightening emulsion.  I’ll be using all these products just on my nose, this will be the ultimate test ε-(‘ヘ´○)┓, I’m getting a little too fired up over blackheads LOL.  I WILL DESTROY YOU BLACKHEADS!

IMG_7792The mystery gift was this cute pouch!  I’m sad that I can’t go to Korea and shop there, all their stuff is so cute and affordable.  I really want to experience shopping in Korea, eating there, and experience all the cool things you can do there.  One day, one day :).  I’m planning a trip there for next year, so hopefully I can make it happen.  I think this pouch was a gift with a purchase they give out in stores, so pretty and cute hehe. (๑♡3♡๑)


IMG_7796Now for the main attraction, limited edition play 101 pencils they have released for the summer.  Play 101 pencils came out not too long ago and they are already a staple in the brand.  They come out with limited edition colours for the holiday and for the second time, this summer time with fresh colors which are also wearable.  I’m in love with the sea foam green, its so unique and affordable going for only $7.80.  The formula is long lasting, they are highly pigmented, twist up type and has a sharpener at the end which you can pop out.  Seriously, they can’t be more perfect then how they were designed, just perfection.


All the limited colours that were released for this summer.  All so pretty hehe.

2015_img3Why a lot of people love these pencils are the fact they are universal.  You can use them on the eyes as an eyeshadow base or eyeliner, blush, highlighter and even as a lip liner or lipstick.  These pencils can cut down the bulk in your make up bag and space in your collection plus they really are long lasting and pigmented, what more can you ask for!

IMG_7797These were the three colours that were sent to us. 

IMG_7799The sharpener conveniently is coloured as the eyeliner color itself and can be popped out to use to sharpen of course.

IMG_7800#65 is a cool toned, bright navy blue with fine light blue shimmers.

IMG_7801#64 is a sea foam green with light green and sliver shimmers.  This one is my favourite <3.

IMG_7802#63 is a reddish bronze shade with golden bronze shimmers.

IMG_7803And last but not least, #69 is a bright reddish orange shade but this one has a glossy finish.  I’d recommend using this either as a blush or lip color since it moisturizing but not on the eyes since it will slip and slide considering the formulation.

IMG_7804All of these swatch well, but I did notice #65 needs to be layered to get to the most pigmentation since it seemed to slightly move around when I went over it once or twice.  #64 and #63 does not budge and only needs one swipe, same goes for #69.  #63, #64 and #65 didn’t seem to smudge at all after 30 seconds of application.  From my experience, these liners also works very well on the waterline, creamy, doesn’t smudge and lasts at least 8 hours or more.  I would use #65 since it does have heavy glitters and I wouldn’t want to micro cut my eye balls, we only got one pair people!

Hopefully this unboxing was helpful for you guys out there.  I know these unboxings aren’t the most informative, but they are fun to do since I can share my excitement with you guys since everyone else in real life think I’m nuts.
^ this is exactly how I feel in real life and also the reason why I blog.  I need an outlet to get my hoarder frustrations out HAHA.

Anyways, if you guys enjoyed this post, comment down below and tell me what you guys think about these products?  Which one is your favourite play 101 pencil?  What have you guys been buying these days?  I’d love to know, tell me in the comments down below.
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  1. Luvea

    Those pencils, all so pretty *.* I guess they will end up in my next k-beauty haul ^^.I loved their cleansing oil too, not sure if they changed formula together with package?

  2. Paulina Rios

    Love those pencils!!!!!

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