Daiso haul #2

IMG_7812Hi, my name is Christina and I have a problem.  I’m an addict, addicted to a store named Daiso.  Why?  Because everything is $2, the store that is located in my town is two stores and they litterally have absolutely everything you would need and think of.  From make up, to kitchen ware, they have it all for $2 (well 95% of the products are $2, then there are the odd $3+).  Daiso to me is like Target, when they were still around in Canada (Θ︹Θ)ს, I’d go in for one thing and I come out with four million other things.  This trip I went in just wanting to get the cotton pads so I could soak it with my essence and use it as a quick mask when doing my make up.  My mistake was to walk around and this happened LOL.  Anyways, I’ll show you guys what I got so lets gooooo~(“⌒∇⌒”)

IMG_7815This was the culprit!  These cotton pads I have been using for years, but stopped since my mother would buy the bulk ones from costco, so I haven’t bought these for a long time.  But I need a cotton pad that was slightly fluffier, not so dense so I could soak these in essences and use them as a quick spot mask.  I’ll show you in the future how I do it :).

IMG_7816Their make up section, naturally, is my favourite department out of the whole store, next to kitchen ware of course. These have been staring at me in the face every time I have gone to the store, but I never had the interest to bring it home with me since make up wipes isn’t something I find helpful.  They never do a full job of ripping off every inch of make up when I have a full face of make up, so I usually just use my cleansing oil and after my Bioderma as a toner to insure everything to be stripped off.  I bought the Clean and clear make up wipes two days ago but they reeeeek.  It smells way too strong for me to be able to stand it, I think I’m just going to pass those on to a friend.

Daiso’s cleansing tissue came in a regular scent (not sure what that smells like), aloe, grapefruit, olive oil and also one for specifically eye make up.  I picked up the grapefruit one, but I really should have picked the regular one with no scent. I’ll be testing this out to see if it is any good and report back to you guys on it, so look forward to the review in the near future. (‐^▽^‐)

IMG_7817You can’t really see in the picture but the wipe is slightly on the thin side and seems to be easily torn apart.  Just my first impressions but we’ll see how it performs.  If they really work well, I’ll try all the other make up wipes they have to offer.

IMG_7818Daiso is also a place I’d turn to for containers such as these.  I picked up a spray bottle so I could maybe carry around a refreshner/ mist in my purse since it is getting super duper hot right now.  It is not a bad thing to refresh your skin on the go either to make sure it is moisturized enough ;P.  Daiso also had these one push dispenser bottles which I’m going to put my make up remover in so it would be easier access for me.  Just shake and push.  I wouldn’t have to take the cap off, its pretty troublesome.

IMG_7820This caught my eye in the mascara area.  I haven’t seen a product like this in the market, it is suppose to me a mascara reviver.  As you use your mascara, it dries up a little bit every time you open the tube.  This is suppose to add back moisture into the tube so you could use your mascara again and not waste it. Interesting… (′ʘ⌄ʘ‵)


IMG_7826The last make up-estque product is this glass palette in the shape of a flower.  You can find this in the art department and I thought I would use this either as a ring holder or a palette for make up to get things sanitary.  Not that exciting haha…

IMG_7819The kitchenware department never fails to surprise me with cool gadgets.  I bought the onigiri mold last time I was there, and this time they had the nigiri mold.  I’m no sushi chef but I do like to make sushi at home sometimes.  Sandwich wraps are not a necessity, I just bought them so I could wrap the sandwiches I make for my boyfriend sometimes and impress him with the store-bought look kekekekeke.

IMG_7822Cute stationary is something I rarely buy nowadays since I’m not in school anymore.  I still do like to stroll around in that area and always end up buying letter stationary and post it.  I came across the cat post its and I knew it was game over.  I went nuts and got the teddy bear ones too LOL.  And how cute is the egg letter kit!!  ⊂( ・ ̫・)⊃

IMG_7823I bought these labels a couple of trips back, hoping to use these as a time stamp on all my makeup.  Those of you that love makeup like I do, even those that aren’t collectors, should label the date on their make up products to keep them as fresh as possible.  I’ve been going through all my makeup and throwing away those that are old, those that aren’t being loved by me to friends so they could have a better home.  I encourage you guys to do the same, this way you are conscious of when your products were opened will keep you from getting infections.  I’ve gotten an eye infection once from mascara being poked in my eyeball, and then my tear duct swelling up.  That was not fun at all.  Label guys, label! IMG_7824This is so random but I bought these sticky things to prevent your chairs from scratching the floor.  My new vanity mirror’s rubber foot fell off and it keeps wobbling, so I thought I would just change all four of them in hopes of the vibration to improve.  It actually has and it doesn’t wobble anymore hehe.  Happy (▰˘v˘▰).

If you want to see what else Daiso has to offer, check out my first haul ;).  What are your favorite Daiso products?  Tell me in the comments below! <3


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  1. Fiona

    I’m not sure if I should say “why is there no Daiso hereee” or “thank goodness there’s no Daiso here!” But the teddy bear stationary is super cute!!!

    1. Christina

      HAHA yea I am curse but blessed at the same time. Daiso is awesome!! They literally have EVERYTHING! Hopefully you will be able to go to one one day!

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