What’s new for K-beauty vol. 4

whats-new-in-k-beauty-vol-4It’s been a while since the last “what’s new in K-beauty”.  Before you come at me with your angry mobs and raging pitch forks, there was honestly not much going on in the new release department, hence the long wait.  I’ve only scraped by with couple new releases.  I think companies are getting ready for the holidays so new collections haven’t really came out.  Anyways, some new and exciting products include full on eyeshadow, contour, lip palettes from Etude House, some gorgeous looking eyeshadows from Missha, a new BB cushion from the face shop and a whole new brand that came out recently called “Romand”.  So let’s get started!!  There are a lot of pictures to go through whoo whoo~~

apieu-jelly-pong-eyeshadowA’pieu jelly pong eyeshadow (3 shades available) 5,000 won
A’pieu has been one of my most favourite brand for about a year now after I discovered their amazing air fit BB cushion.  What I love most about them is their affordability.  Yes some of the product are hit and miss, but the ones that are a hit is so worth it!  They recently came out with these jelly pong eyeshadows and the first thing that popped into my head is Colorpop’s eyeshadows!  I think they have a similar texture and I’m pretty sure these would be just as pigmented too since shimmer eyeshadows are hard to miss up in general.  They only offer three shades at the moment, all three being neutral browns and a champagne colour.


bonvivant-antigravity-massage-stickBonvivant has been on a roll lately, bringing out new products left and right and I’m definitely not mad about that.  All the products they have brought out I have really liked and am excited to see some really interesting products this time around. While keeping prices at an affordable rate, they continue to bring out products that are effective but also interesting.

bonvivant-antigravity-massage-stick-2Bonvivant antigravity contour massage stick 24,000 won
Immediately this new product reminds me of Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick which came out a couple months back, retailing for around $50 or so if I’m not mistaken.  At the time, I was super intrigued but I wasn’t about to spend my hard earned money on a glue stick looking gimmicky product.  They demo-ed the product on a 50+ ajumma (old lady) and with just a few swipes on the skin, one side of her face went from sad and droopy to perky and lifted.  I honestly forgot about that product and after the hype died down, it hasn’t really appeared in front of me for a while.  I have a feeling this one from Bonvivant is the same concept but of course, way more affordable.  So I’m excited to get my hands on this and see if it works!  It most likely won’t have that much of an effect on me but I’m gonna get my mother to test it out for me hehehehe.  We shall see!

bonvivant-antigravity-massage-stick-3Are y’all sure this ain’t just photoshop LOL.

bonvivant-antigravity-massage-stick-4Bonvivant antigravity  contour micro-fill patch 20,000 won
Deciphering the pictures, I’m taking this product as kind of a hydrogel patch product that is kind of like a bandaid. I’m not too sure if the essence is already soaked into the hydrogel or you have to drip your own, but you stick these on your face, either underneath the eyes or the smile lines to plump them up.  It also says you leave it on for one hour so don’t be going anywhere if you are planning to use this product.

bonvivant-antigravity-massage-stick-5Bonvivant anti-gravity contour V massager 30,000 won
I have seen these massagers around before and they are on the pricey side.  I think it might be VDL that also has this massager but I could be wrong.  You can use this to massage your lymph nodes to drain your toxics and also massage your jaw line for a sharper “v” line.  This thing is also big enough to massage your body too!

clio-2015-holiday-collectionClio has already dropped their holiday collection and it looks gorgeous!  I really appreciate that the collection doesn’t scream holiday since it is weird for me to get a product to be super Christmasy and when Christmas passes and I’m still going around town with a reindeer and santa compact, it’s just kinda depressing don’t cha think?  This holiday, they are offering these “I hit da club” looking collection and I am loving it!

clio-holiday-collectionClio kill cover liquid founwear ampoule cover (3 shades) 32,000 won
Clio pro dual contour blusher (3 versions) 23,000 won
Clio pro single shadow (59 shades) 10,000 won
Clio waterproof brush liner (2 colours) 18,000 won
Clio Virgin kiss tension lip oil tint (4 holiday shades) 16,000 won
Clio virgin kiss mad for matte lipstick (5 shades) 16,000 won
Clio nail styler (10 new shades) 10,000 won
Clio hydro make up sponge semi glow 9,000 won
Clio kill cover liquid founwear ampoule cushion puff 9,000 won

clio-pro-artist-liquid-color-concelerClio kill cover pro artist liquid colour concealer (3 shades) 15,000 won
It’s kind of odd to see colour corrector hitting the K-beauty realm now after it was such a huge thing in the beginning of this year.  I’m definitely not complaining since Clio makes gorgeous base products and I’m super interested in these myself.

clio-pro-artist-liquid-color-concealer-2Those of you who don’t know how the colour wheel works, orange cancels out blue tones (great for under eyes), green cancels out redness, and purple brightens up the complexion, specifically those with yellow undertone.

elizavecca-hell-pore-mistElizavecca hell-pore water up peptide EGF mist one button 23,000 won
It’s been a while since Elizavecca came out with a new product.  Continuing on with their popular hell pore mask product, they also came out with this facial mist to go along with the pore peeling mask.  The mist contains ingredients such as rose and olive to keep the skin hydrated afterwards.

espoir-moody-bloodyHalloween is officially over but Espoir’s Halloween inspired collection is still a chic collection.  It kind of reminds me of vampires hehe. The collection contains some staple products such as a BB cushion, single eyeshadows, lipsticks and even a perfume. Espoir is a pricey brand and I still haven’t gotten the chance to try their BB cushion or their base products but I’ve definitely got my eyes on them.

Espoir moody bloody lipstick (2 shades) 19,000 won
Espoir bloody moody perfume 35,000 won
Espoir bloody moody pro taylor BB cushion 38,000 won
Espoir bloody moody pro taylor refill 16,000 won
Espoir bloody moody eyeshadow (3 shades) 10,000 won
Espoir bloody moody volume mascara 22,000 won
Espoir bloody moody nail polish (3 shades) 5,000 won

etude-house-palettesEtude House eyeshadow personal colour palette 2 shades available 35,000 won
Etude House cream contour personal colour palette 25,000 won
Etude House powder contour personal colour palette 25,000 won
Etude House lip personal colour palette 22,000 won

Etude house recently dropped a hell of a bomb with their palettes!!  The collection includes two eyeshadow palettes, two lip palettes, a cream contour palette and a powder contour palette.  From t he swatches I have seen of the eyeshadow palettes, they look pretty pigmented and legit.  I’m definitely eyeing them myself but at 35,000 won, it is a little steep in K-beauty price standards.  These are also online only in Korea but I’d love to see these in the K-beauty online stores.

etude-house-eyeshadow-palette-cool-tone etude-house-eyeshadow-palette-warm-toneFrom a closer look, it seems like majority of the shades are shimmer with very few that are matte.  There are a few shades that is satin finish but most of them are shimmer.  From my personal experiences with Etude House’s eyeshadows, for some reason their palettes are a lot more pigmented then their single ones.  I was checking the swatches out and they all look pretty good.  I’d totally buy it, when it goes on sale kekeke.

etude-house-my-little-nut etude-house-my-little-nut-2 etude-house-my-little-nut-3Etude House also dropped their holiday collection and they included all the staples along with a few limited edition shades.  I do have to say the collection name “My little nut” is a poor choice in name and they are just opening themselves to a world full of memes and puns. LOL Deez nuts… oh my.  It doesn’t seem like the whole collection is out just yet but I will link the products that are out down below.

Etude House my little nut lip talk enamel lipsticks (7 shades) 10,500 won
Etude House play 101 blending stick (3 limited edition shades) 7,500 won
Etude House my little nut cheek balm (2 shades) 7,000 won

etude-house-tint-my-brows-gelEtude House tint my brow gel 8,500 won
I think everyone and their mothers know what these since they blew up couples months back on Youtube.  Before they had only three shades to choose from but they have since added 4 more shades which are perfect for those who have coloured hair.

gudetama-x-holika-holika-collectionGudetama finally came out with the rest of their Holika Holika collection and it is fantastic!!  I’m not too sure if all the products have finally came out since there was suppose to be another release on November 4 but from the looks of it, it does look like everything is out.  I’m happy that they are selling the cases separately this time and also have the refills but with a different air puff!  They also came out with a lip oil which I’m still confused if it is a oil lip treatment or just a gloss.  I’m also super interested in the ceramide capsule cream since I absolutely love their super cera cream.  

Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy dry shampoo 10,000 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy white mousse foam 7,900 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy ceramide capsule cream 13,900 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy fresh egg cleansing foam 8,500 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy BB cushion case (3 designs) 8,000 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy face 2 change photo ready cushion refill 10,00 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy all night tint (4 shades)  5,900 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy all night lip oil 5,900 won
Holika Holika x Gudetama lazy & joy party up nail kit 6,900 won

There is also a really awesome gift with purchase which you get a mirror for $10+, pouch for $30+ and a fuzzy blanket for $50+.

im-cushion-correctorKorea is definitely catching on with the colour correcting trend.  Memebox recently came out with these I’m cushion correctors that comes in three shades (mint, lavender, peach) alongside a contour cushion and a highlight cushion as well.  I highly doubt they will bring these over to the US site considering their pass cushions not being able to be brought over due to the SPF but we’ll have to see. 

I’m meme I’m cushion corrector (3 shades) 18,000 won
I’m meme I’m cushion contour and highlight 18,000 won

im-meme-im-cushion-corrector memebox-im-cushion-corrector

nooni-deep-sea-water-tonerNooni dual moisturizing toner 18,000 won
Nooni dropped their new toner and it definitely looks promising.  Their first two toners which I reviewed in the past (Nooni spring water seed essence toner, Nooni spring water sprout smoothing toner) and they were disappointing to say the least.  My skin did not like it at all and it definitely got irritated from it.  The fragrance was also too strong which I think also added to the problem.  The newest snowflake cleanser was also way too high in the pH level department so I really hope they listened to us this time with this product since the rest of the line definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.  The only product I truly loved from Nooni is their repair advance therapy balm which is amazing so I don’t know what the heck went wrong with the rest of the line.

nooni-pouchNooni x and-et customizing simple pouch 15,000 won
Alongside the new toner, Nooni also released these cute pouches which you can decorate yourself.  I’m so eyeing the holographic one but flat pouches like these don’t do it for me.  They are too slim for my liking but they are cute!

missha-my-twinkle-holidayMissha my twinkle holiday crystal pigment (5 shades) 10,800 won
Missha my twinkle holiday snow jewel mascara (2 shades) 8,800 won
Missha my twinkle holiday petit lip crayon  7,800 won
Missha my twinkle holiday nail kit (2 versions) 8,800 won

Unlike Etude House, Missha actually has an appropriate name for their holiday collection and the products in the collection is gorgeous!  I absolutely love the nail kit print and the gold and silver mascaras are SO FESTIVE!  I definitely want to get my hands on them if it is possible. The promo pictures included makes the lashes look like a party in itself along with the gorgeous pigments. UGH this collection is perfect.

missha-italprismMissha italprism eyeshadows(10 shades) 16,000 won
Missha was hardcore teasing the release of these eyeshadows and I’m slightly disappointed since I thought they were highlighters and not eyeshadows haha.  The embossing reminds me of Bobbi Brown’s highlighters during the holidays and even the colours they were teasing looked promising.  Nonetheless these do look gorgeous but then again, shimmer shade are very hard to mess up so these aren’t that special in my opinion.

missha-ital-shadow-2missha-ital-lipsticksMissha italprism lipsticks (3 shades) 10,000 won
Along with the eyeshadows, the collection also includes three lipsticks.  The colours do look pretty but shades that release for collections always seems to be the same, coral, red, pink or berry.  I hope to see more interesting shades from companies in the future because I’m honestly bored.


romand-cosmeticsA brand called “Romand” recently came out and it’s been hitting all the Korean blogs.  The most eye catching thing about the collection is definitely the gorgeous colour marbeling.  This brand is more of a mid range brand so you’ll be dropping pretty pennies if you do want to get a few things.  At the moment, it seems like there are discounts on all their products so it is a good time to buy if you do want something.  I wouldn’t suggest the eyeshadow palette though from the pictures I saw.  They looks unpigmented and for the price, no.

Romand matte lipstick (10 shades) 18,000 won
Romand perfect styling eye palette 44,000 won
Romand multi duo blush (4 shades) 26,000 won
Romand easy cover foundation brush 19,000 won
Romand pro blending puff 3,500 won
Romand perfect fitting foundation 36,000 won

skinfood-vita-fit-cushionSkinfood vita fit cushion cover 20,000 won
Skinfood vita fit glow serum cushion 20,000 won
Skinfood vita fit poreless cushion 20,000 won

skinfood-vita-fit-cushion-2Skinfood dropped three new cushions recently and I’m quite excited.  I haven’t tried any of the Skinfood cushions just yet and have been eyeing the honey propolis one but still haven’t gotten it.  I might just have to try this one in the glow serum one hehe.  Any of you guys that have tried Skinfood’s cushions, please do let me know your experiences with it in the comments!  I’d love to know your thoughts.

thefaceshop-cushionThe face shop also dropped six new cushions, the ones I mentioned in my last “what’s new in K-beauty.”  Each one (white and black) have three versions to it and I have a feeling it is just the ones from the Kakao collection but in a permanent packaging.  I could be wrong but I’ll leave the link to these here and you guys can check them out yourself.  Each cushion comes with three shades and retail for 20,000 won each and does not include a refill.

verite-aurora-cover-cushionVerite Aurora cushion holiday edition 40,000 won
These literally just got released for the holidays. If you remember three months ago, Verite released the Aurora cushion in the Wizard of Oz packaging and this is the exact same cushion but with a different graphic design.  I honestly don’t care for the design but am more interested in the cushion itself.  This is on sale at the moment on Amorepacific mall Kr for 32,000 won and also comes with tones of gift with purchases.

A photo posted by 뷰티톡 (@beautytalkapp) on

It seems like Too cool for school will be release some AWESOME ASS products.  There is a new cleansing oil coming out but my eyes are shooting right at that PALETTE.  OH BABY!  If you have been around, you’ll know that their Art class by Rodin contour is super famous from the brand so to see it in a palette along with the blusher and highlighter, I DIE!  I actually am going to have all three products coming to me soon and I’m not sure if I could wait for these to be released but for those of you who don’t have any of the products from their Art class line, this is THE product to buy.  I just pray that it isn’t $40+.

A photo posted by 박태윤 (@parktaeyun) on

In some sad time news, the brand Son & Park (most famous product from them is their beauty water that is also sold in Sephora) have been forced to step down from their positions in their own companies they have founded from the ashes.  When I saw the post, I didn’t understand anything of course since I don’t read Hangul and the picture is pitch black which I thought nothing of it other then, maybe they forgot to include a picture or they got hacked LOL.  But summarized, they went into creating the brand with an insufficient amount of experience in business and pretty much was forced out of their own company due to their stock ownership.  It is absolutely heart wrenching to see your own baby taken away from you right in front of your eyes and being a outsider to something you created from the ashes, that really hurts.  I do hope for the best for our loved make up artists Park Tae Yun and Son Dae Sik and hope they will learn from this experience and grow.  I personally most likely won’t be paying much attention to the brand Son & Park since without them, it is the same as a robot with no soul.  If and only if they come back as the directors or at least creative directors for the brand, I am not gonna buy anything from the brand.

“Last week has been the darkest week of our lives. For a long time, Son & Park company has been a part of our entity. As we step down officially from the company, we will be forced to end all ties with Son & Park at the same time. If we think about the moment we first created Son & Park and released that first line of products, and all those fans who helped us through the hard times,, the overwhelming feelings,,, won’t let us sleep for months. We started out as the majority stockholders, but being completely oblivious to corporate law, we soon degraded to being minority stockholders and lost the ownership/control of the activities in Son & Park. During these times, many things beyond our control occurred which made us furious, nonetheless, we tried to stick around until the end. I guess we are the sinners for for being not knowledgeable enough about the law. We are only want to apologize to the fans who have trusted and loved our products. However, we believe justice will prevail, and we will rise again. It feels like we are stuck in an abyss again; throwing away a brand like Son & Park is like carving out our own skin and bone, but we want to find the courage again,, please help us, we will be back with a new brand. It’s hard to believe it right now, but we believe truth is on our side. We would not be here today without all your love and encouragement, and we would like to truly thank everyone for that.”
credits from Asian beauty reddit

Off topic but if you have watched videos of Park Tae Yun or Son Dae Sik, well Park Tae Yun specifically, they are FUCKING hilariously savage.  I remember Park Tae Yun was on Get it beauty’s new segment where they gave celebrities a complete makeover with hair cuts and everything.  There was this one episode where a girl idol singer (I don’t know her name) came onto the show and she wanted a certain look and gave them references of what she wanted, Park Tae Yun was giving commentary like how they do in Keeping up with the Kardashians. He said something along the lines of “Well her face really isn’t that special.  She looks just like any other girl off the street that is slightly pretty.  Oh wait, is that too mean to say out loud? Well.. too late now”.  Dude… savage.  I do hope for the best for them and I hope the greedy assholes that screwed them over gets the same treatment right back.

In other sad time news, the face shop Canada released a statement regarding their Kakao friends launch in Canada.  Pretty much they had to pull all activities of the KaoKao collection from Canada due to it being a brench of contract and liscencing agreement.  So if you don’t spot any of the Kakao friends products in the Canadian stores, that is why.  It’s kind of depressing since it is the first time ever seeing a cool collaboration to come to Canada from any K-beauty brands available here and they just pulled the plug just like that. Party poopers LOL.

Anyways, that sums up volume 4 of what’s new in K-beauty.  Not much going on at the moment since all the companies are raving up their engines for holiday time!!  I can’t wait to see all the value sets hehehehe. What are you guys eyeing from this volume?  I got my eyes on the gold mascara from Missha and skinfood’s new BB cushion.  Let me know in the comments down below what you want and what is on your shopping list now.

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  1. Kathy

    I soooo agree with being bored of the same ol’ shades time and again! When I saw both Missha’s Italprism eyeshadows, and holiday releases for My Little Nut (my head is going wild in the gutter XD) I hoped for some really interesting shades…but it’s just same berries and pinks all around. I do like that EH has a gold shimmer lipstick top coat – but it’s not that unique.

    1. Christina

      Luckily for K-beauty with all the cute packaging, I never get bored unlike western beauty which I’ve completely turned my back on. HAHA you aren’t the only one that had their mind in the gutter. 😛

      1. Kathy

        That’s true 😀 It’s been literally years since I purchased anything ‘Western’ beauty related – except for gifts…

        The collection is now fully online, and wah-wah-wah I’m only going to pick up one lipstick *cries silently* the palettes both have like 2 interesting shades, and then the rest are either repeats, or just not THAT unique…..I kind of want the LE case, but my wallet is already laying out blueprints for self-destruction…

        1. Christina

          I”m looking at the Sephora sale and only bought one thing, the tangle teezer LOL. meh…
          Hmm true true on the palettes. I just want them because it is the first korean palettes that interest me but I think I’ll wait a bit. HAHAHAHHA my wallet already self destructed a while ago.

  2. Jess

    I have the Romand line coming in the mail (fingers crossed for delivery on Monday!), and I’m looking forward to testing it out. And I wonder if the anti-gravity line is going to be like the MaxClinic and be more of a glue stick than anything else…

    1. Christina

      OH LA LA! When you do get it, tag me on IG! I’d LOVEEEEE to see. If you don’t have IG, you can also message me here too and let us know how they are :). I’m also curious of the anti-gravity line as well, especially the glue stick keke

  3. Cassandra Mitchell

    I’m so bummed about The Face Shop news. I saw that on insta like two or three days after I started using the Apeach hand cream I got in store. Of course I’d have to love something that I won’t be able to get in person anymore 🙁 I really hope they still look into brining collabs overseas, it was so fun being able to get it in person.

    1. Christina

      Yea i’m sad myself but at least we still have the internet. ☺️

  4. Fiona

    Haha but the pig on the Elizavecca mist is adorable! The Clio packaging looks so classy and gorgeous! And of course, we can’t forget the Gudetama collab <3 And wow, Romand's packaging looks pretty dreamy, almost like watercolours! I also saw the Artclass by Rodin 3-in-1 palette and I want itttt!

    1. Christina

      Haha your eyes are going everywhere XD. That’s natural since I’m like that too keke

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