What’s new in K-beauty vol. 2

Korean cosmetics what's newA week just passed and there is already so much going on in the K-beauty realm.  I honestly thought I was just going to be reporting 10 items or so but look at the list!! Holy cows.  Since the last time I reported, new products and collections such as the Jeju colour collection from Innisfree, Tony Moly x Pokemon updates, It’s skin x Sesame street updates and even a part two of Hoilka Holika x Gudetama collection.  Let’s cut to the chase and get started with yet another super long “what’s new in K-beauty”.

InnisfreeInnisfree Jeju color picker 2016 collection

Innisfree dropped a whole collection of items such as blush/bronzer and highlighter duo, nail polishes, lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes.  I unfortunately haven’t tried anything from Innisfree since nothing really interests me from that brand.  Wait, I lied.  I have their super volcanic pore mask but I don’t really find it effective for me.  Make up wise, I have wanted to try their BB cushion but I always read that it has more of a matte finish which is a no no for me.

Innisfree Jeju collectionInnisfree Jeju colour picker shadow kit (two versions available) 22,000 won
Innisfree face shimmering duo 15,000 won

If I were to pick anything up from the collection, it would most likely be the blush and highlight duo.  Then again, K-beauty doesn’t exactly offer the most pigmented products so meh for me.  If I”m totally wrong and Innisfree actually has awesome coloured products, do let me know!  I’m open to try it if it is any good.

Innisfree lipstickInnisfree real fit lipstick (5 shades available–> #16, 17, 18, 19) 12,000 won
Innisfree real color nail (7 shades) 3,000 won

LaneigeLaneige eyebrow cushion-cara 25,000 won
BB cushions has been all the rage for a long time now, almost a decade I believe.  Continuing on with the madness, Laneige came out with a brown product that is in a cushion format.  The cushion comes with two shades, a lighter cool tone greyish brown shade and a darker counterpart.  In the compact, it also comes with a angled brush and a spooly to brush everything out.  This is one of those products that would either be awesome or go completely wrong.  With it being so liquidy, I think this product would best fit those who already have a lot of brow hairs to work with since I’m assuming it would be really light looking on the skin.

Nature RepublicNature Republic multiple touch stick 12,000 won
Nature republic aren’t the only one come out with cream sticks.  A lot of other brands like Etude House’s play 101 line, Holika Holika and even Luna all have came out with their own versions of cream multi-use sticks to either highlight, contour or as a blusher.  I personally haven’t tried much from Nature’s republic, but it seems to be that they are more known for their skincare and less about their make up.  If anyone has tried any make up product from Nature’s republic and it is worth checking out, do let me know in the comments down below!

Etude HouseEtude House any cushion cream filter
Etude House, being Amore Pacific’s mid ranged line, has been a power house for a long time and is a good brand all around.  When I think of Etude House, I think of their make up and their awesome play 101 line.  They have so many cushions, I can’t even keep track of how many they have already.  Mesh cushions is definitely the next hottest thing since it is more efficient then the sponge soaked cushions since it can distribute the product more evenly. On their website, they seem to be having a new cushion coming out called “Any cushion cream filter”.  From the video I saw, it seems to be one of those “instagram” inspired products, just like their blur primer.  Not too sure since there isn’t much information on it but I will definitely do an update if there is more information in the future.

Etude HouseEtude House glow on base 16,000 won (two versions)
 Just yesterday, Etude House released yet another new make up product and this one actually is something I’m super interested in since it seems to be a dupe/inspired product from Guerlain’s L’or and their météorites pereles which are both $81.  No, I don’t have an extra limb i can sell for these two products so I will happily pay $16 LOL.

Guerlain L'orYes I know, the one from Etude House doesn’t have the pearls like Guerlain, but honestly does it really matter.  Unless Guerlain’s products can give me a face transplant or give me eternal youth, it ain’t paying my bills so hell to the no.

Etude HouseAnd yes, I already ordered one of the oil volume base :P.  I was already doing an order with Boyahshop so why not!

Too cool for school concealerToo cool for school artclass camouflage concealer (price unknown at the moment)
Too cool for school has been making a name for themselves, both in the East for their very unique packaging and also in the West, showcased in Sephora to be more accessible to the masses in North America.  I do have to admit their packaging an design is absolultely adorable but I haven’t tried much from the brand itself.  They are famously known form their Artclass by Rodin contour product which is loved by many, including Ssinim!  I’ve been meaning to get my hands on that product but still haven’t.  Yes sham on me.

They seem to be coming out with a new product which is a concealer called “camoflage” which is suppose to be conceal blemishes all day long?  That’s what it says in the picture haha.  I don’t have much information on this product other then it comes in a pen packaging that squirts the product out at the tip and it comes in three shades (#1-3).

Too cool for school


a-concept bb cushion

a-concept-2A:concept all in one brightening cushion  30,000 won
Not sure if this is a completely new brand or I just never have heard of it before.  I have seen another brand called Agatha cosmetics which has the exact same cushion packaging where there is the cushion compact and it also comes with a pen that is a lipstick/blusher all in one.  While surfing the Korean websites, I came across this brand called A:concept which they seem to only have a couple of items on their site at the moment (BB cushion, contour powder, primer, illuminating cream, brushes, eyeshadow trio, cheek/lipstick jumbo sticks).  This brand seems to be on the pricy side and if I’m not mistaken, you have to by the jumbo sticks separately.
A'pieu base makerA’pieu base maker 4,000 won (7 versions)
A’pieu recently came out with a new product called “base maker” retailing for 4,000 won.  Ugh, gotta love A’pieu’s affordable prices :).  They come in three flesh tones which I’m assuming you can use as a foundation and the coloured bases which you can use it directly onto the skin or mixed into your foundation.

apieu-jelly-lipstickA’pieu Gel like lip 5,800 won (10 shade available)
Lipsticks, another product Koreans absolutely love. Out of all the lip products I have tried in my lifetime, K-beauty definitely ranks one of the highest when it comes to formula since it is a lot more moisturizing and way more flattering on my yellow undertoned skin.  A’pieu came out with a whole new lipstick line called “gel like lip” which comes in two shades ranging from neutral, pink, red, oranges and berry shades.  They seem to ave a nice gloss to it and I’d assume it would be super moisturizing on the lips so for my dry skin girls, this one is for us!!

A'pieu Korean sheet maskA’pieu milk one pack sheet mask 800 won (6 versions)
Last mention of A’pieu is their new milk sheet masks.  Skincare from A’pieu is a department I haven’t ventured out in since I’m more into their make up, these milk based sheet mask does kind of intrigue me since milk works very well with my super dry skin.  It nourishes, brightens and moisturizes my skin deeply, especially if it is goat or donkey milk.  These sheet masks retails for only 80 cents and comes in six versions (milk, strawberry, chocolate, mint, coffee and coconut) so there is definitely something for everyone.

Bon VIvant foam cleanserBon Vivant botanical cleansing foam 10,000 won
If you don’t know already, Bon Vivant is a brand under Memebox and it is their more “natural” ranges I guess you can call it.  I’m absolutely smitten about their Bon Vivant botanical masks and a lot of their other products as well.  They recently came out with their own cleansers which come in three versions:
-Pink (Pure rose cleansing foam): Moisture toning
-Green (Pure aloe cleansing foam): soft gel
-Blue (Mint teatree cleansing foam): deep clean scrub

bon-vivant-cleansing-foam-2They all see to tackle their own skin concerns but for me, I think I’d go for the green one which is the aloe cleansing foam since it sounds like it would suit my dry skin the best.  Rose products unfortunately doesn’t work that well with my skin and most of the time irritates it, so that one is a no go for me.

Bon Vivant tonerBon Vivant Botanical pure toner 15,000 won
Along with their cleansers, they also have three toners as well.  If I’m not mistaken, there seems to be some sort of oil/ separation in these toners which you have to shake before you use it.  Not too sure what that is all about, but I think this is the first time I have seen a toner that you’d have to shake for it to emulsify.

bon-vivant-pure-toner-2Just like the cleansers, these colour corresponds to the cleansers as well.
-Pink (Botanical pure rose toner): deep hydration
-Green (Botanical pure aloe toner): calming essential

-Blue (Botanical pure mint teatree toner): Pore clearing

I’m having my fingers cross for these toners to be available on the US site since I want to try them out for myself!

Korean lip tint I'm meme tic toc tint lipI’m Meme I’m tic toc tint lip 12,000 won
Memebox’s make up line has released these new lip products called “i’m tic toc tint lips” which I have been seeing all over the Korean blogs.  This line offers five shades and they seem to be a really glossy type of tint on the lips.  They look absolutely amazing on the lips and I can’t wait to try them myself :).


Cream contour kit MemeboxI’m Meme I’m shading palette cream  20,000 won
I guess shading/contouring is becoming and bigger thing in the east since it seems that brands are coming out with more and more new contour products.  Memebox’s make up line, I’m Meme, just released a while kit with three cream shades including a light flesh tone to highlight and two contour grey undertoned brown shades to create a more natural sculpted look to the face. 

Holika Holika GudetamaTwo months ago, Holika Holika dropped the most epic collaboration which none other then my love, Gudetama.  Recently, after two months, the came three more products to add to the collection.  A little late don’t you think?  At this point, I feel like they are just trying to milk it HAHA.  Luckily for me, all three of these products don’t intrigue me at all and I don’t think the blue packaging suits Gudetama at all.  It needs to be a bright yellow or orange, not blue.holika-holika-pig-nose-clear-black-head-kitHolika holika Lazy & Easy pig-nose clear blackhead 2 step kit 2,500 won

holika-holika-sweet-cotton-pore-cover-powderHolika Holika Sweet cotton pore cover powder (gudetama edition) 7,900 won

holika-holika-sweet-cotton-sebum-clear-pactHolika Holika sweet cotton sebum clear pact (Gudetama edition) 7,900 won

It's skin sesame streetIt’s skin FINALLY drops the rest of the collection just two days ago.  You know how painful it was to wait for so long!  Everyday, I was on the website checking if it has finally came out.  It was almost two weeks after the announced the collection that they released all the products.  Like what is up with that!! Not happy about that.  Tony Moly is also leaving us on the edge of a cliff!  They have their Pokemon collection but just the cleaners, hand creams and face creams are out on the website but I see on Instagram there is sooooooo much more to the collection.  I will rant about it later HAHA.  Right now, it is It’s skin x Sesame street madness.

its skin sesame streetIt’s skin power 10 formula 19,900 won (60 ml)
Like how I mentioned last time, It’s skin repackaged their Power 10 formulas which are serums specifically designed for a certain skin concern.  The three serums showcased in the collection also comes with the plushie toys shown in the picture.  I kind of want to buy big bird because when I was a toddler, I used to have the exact same plushie but it is gone now :'(.  I know, silly reason to spend more money but I will restrain myself haha.  Please note that these three power 10 formulas are actually double the size of a regular bottle, which only contains 30 mL for 12,000 won.  That is actually not a bad deal at all!

its skin macaron lip balmIt’s skin Macaron lip balm 5,800 won
I actually really want to get one of these lip balms but I still am using one and have two back ups so it is kind of pointless.  And of course, the one that I want (Elmo) is sold out -_-.

its-skin-hand-creamIt’s skin cookie and hand cream 3,000 won
Hand creams seem to always be an item in any new K-beauty collection.  Since my hands are quite sensitive, I can’t just use any hand creams since I have eczema so boo for me.

Scents from left to right:
-original (Elmo)
-strawberry (Abby Cadabby) I was going to say the pink thing LOL but I don’t want to ruin your childhood.
-mint (Oscar the Grouch)
-Banana (Bert)
-Pineapple (Big Bird)

its-skin-macaron-sugar-cushionIt’s skin Macaron sugar cushion 17,800 won
I believe this is a brand new product to It’s skin since I don’t see any other BB cushion with the same name on the website. Of course, this is the main attraction for me since I’m a BB cushion addict.  Not too sure what the pink dots are for but I’m assuming it maybe to aid in brightening up the complexion.  I just hope it doesn’t make me look like I have the chicken pox when I apply it.  This BB cushion comes in 2 shades, #1 and #2, and yes… I already bought it LOL.

its-skin-macaron-sugar-powder-pactIt’s skin Macaron sugar powder pact 14,800 won
This seems to be the same concept as the BB cushion with the light pink poka dots, however this is a pressed powder.  I was tempted to get this since I love the packaging, but then adult mode kicked in and I had to tell myself I don’t need it.  Again, this comes in two shades, #21 and #23.

its-skin-sesame-street-gwpThe reason why I like to order my K-beauty products with a buying service is the extra perks and samples that I can get. It just gives me that much more of an excuse to spend more money.  If you spend $20 at It’s skin, buying anything from the Sesame street collection, you get one of the two ADORABLE headbands which has Elmo eyes and Cookie monster WITH A COOKIE.  Unfortunately you don’t get to choose but I’m praying to the K-beauty lords that they give me the cookie monster one because I’d die of happiness if it comes true!

If you spend $50, you get a set of five of their famous power 10 formula serums which is a steal of a deal.  Each container comes with 10 mL of product, which is 1/3 of the size of a regular 30 mL bottle.  I really want this set for myself but I have a feeling it would go to waste on me since I’m constantly sent new skincare products and there is only so much I can apply to my face.

its-skin-sesame-street-giftThey are also giving away zip pouches which would be great to hold my coins and even a mirror.  You guys told me if you buy one of the “macaron products” (BB cushion, pressed powder, lip balm), you can get the pouch.  If you get two of the macaron products, you can get the mirror :).  Guess I’ll be getting a pouch yey!!

luna-cosmeticsPhoto credit: Allurekorea Instagram

I honestly don’t have any information on this collection since it have anything on the website itself either.  Just in time for Halloween which is right around the corner (well kinda), Luna cosmetics came out with a creepy collection which includes an eyeshadow palette, three nail polishes, a BB cushion and a pouch.  The design is kinda cute, but slightly too creepy for me HAHA.

MakeOn light therapyMakeOn skin light therapy 150,000 won
With all the Korean bloggers that I follow, it seems like everyone went to MakeOn’s light therapy launch party. Now light therapy isn’t a new concept and I have seen home use devices here and there.  From a ugly shower head looking device to an Iron man mask, light therapy has tried to be the next big thing but it doesn’t seem to really have an effect on the home use kind of consumers. They have been a treatment in expensive spas for a while now, but I’m not booshie enough to step into one of those things.  Plus, I’d rather spend my money on tech equipment so those twice a month treatments are a no go for me.

Skin light therapy works by using LED (Light emitting diodes) which aids in sending energy producing packets of light into deeper layers of the skin.  The light causes chemical reactions, and depending on which light you choose to use, it targets specific concerns.  Red light stimulates fibroblasts which produces collagen to make the skin look and feel plumper.  Blue light works to kill “propionibacterium acnes” which is pretty much the bacteria that lives on the skin that produces acne and other skin irritations.  Yellow light is suppose to be able to rejuvenate the skin which helps reduces skin redness and decrease the appearance of blood vessels.

I’m on the hunt for this product myself but because it has a battery built into it, I can’t get it to ship by air and it can’t be shipped by sea either because it is too small of a parcel.  So I’m trying to find anyone that would be able to go to Korea to pick this up for me and bring it here in Canada. One day, I will get my hands on this product, don’t you worry!

Swisspure CC cushionSwisspure dough tension CC balm 18,000 won
Swisspure is definitely one of the lesser known brands, at least overseas or maybe it is just me.  They are under the same company as Missha and A’pieu and they seem to have a more “natural” approach/ branding.  Like how I have mentioned, the mesh BB cushions are now taking over the traditional sponge soaked cushion since you get a more even application and the product dries out a lot slower.  One thing I have to note is the compact, which seems to be a lot thinner then usually, measuring at 15 mm (1.5 cm).  That is super thin and I have a feeling the mesh and the thin compacts is going to be the next trend in Korea.

cremorlab-bb-cushionCremorlab Eau thermale serum cushion 31,000 won

Cremorlab FINALLY comes out with their own cushion.  Your almost a decade late Cremorlab… dang!  I still haven’t tried anything from the brand since they have a more expensive price point, I’m still hesitant to buy anything.  From the name “eau (french for water)” and serum in the name, this cushion screams my name.  One day, I will get my hands on this cushion. Just you wait!


huxleyHuxley seems to be a new brand in the K-beauty market and is being sold on Glow recipe at the moment.  The brand focuses on using the prickly pear cactus extract which is suppose to “magically bind water to the skin”.  The branding has a mid-ranged price point, starting at 25,000 won for their cleansers up to 48,000 won for their Huxley oil.

beauty-people-bb-cushion-3Beauty people absolute lofty girl cushion foundation (black=matte finish) 26,000 won

Beauty people is one of those lesser known brands.  The only reason I knew about their brand was back in the OG Memebox days, they had their cute snow white eyeliner set which was sought after by the masses.  I just was surfing around and came across their new BB cushion!  Luckily for me, I caught it right when it was released and it was only 14,000 won, so yes… I did pick one up LOL.  And yes, I bought it because the compact is gorgeous.  The black one has a matte finish and it is suppose to have honey extracts in it to keep the skin moisturized.

beauty-people-bb-cushion-4Beauty people absolute radiant girl cushion foundation (pink=moisture/dewy finish) 26,000 won
The pink one is where it is at!  No I don’t like pink as a colour at all, and I was hoping the black one was more for me but this formulation would work a whole lot better for me.  I can’t really tell from the description since it is in Korean, but I’m guessing there is hyaluronic acid acid, mind, lime and a shit ton of flowers for it to be on the moisturizing and dewy side.  I can’t wait to get this in the mail and test it out!! WHOO WHOO~

Jungle book skincareBeyond the Remady x Jungle Book set 38,000 won
When I first saw this collection, I thought it was the brand Beyond, like the one where they collaborated with Alice and Wonderland a few times.  Little to my knowledge, the brand is actually called “Beyond the remady”.  They collaborated with Disney’s Jungle book and this definitely has to be one of the better Disney collaborations for sure.  The face shop x Disney collection was not well thought out at all and was not cohesive, Etude House x Dumbo, they just stuck stickers on existing packaging.  Yes, I know, this jar doesn’t really have Jungle book on it but the extras that come with it makes it all that much more worthwhile. 

beyond-jungle-book-2Not only do you get their root therapy 60 cream, you also get a pop up 3D box, a card and a gorgeous scarf.  This brand is available in Olive young if you are interested :).

Hera 5 romantic lessons Limited edition collection
There isn’t too much information on Hera’s upcoming collection but there is a video!!  I’m not too sure if those are BB cushions of some sort or just powder products, but there are two products called Soft Touch, Rosy touch (some type of blusher of course) and a bigger palette called “let’s dance” which I’m assume it maybe an eyeshadow palette.  We will just have to wait and see.

Since the last time I updated you guys on volume 1 of this series, Tony Moly has still yet to release the rest of the collection.  We did find out that there was more to the collection then just the hand creams, cleaners and face creams with the other promo picture which shows us that there are more Pikachu products such as lip tints, eyeshadow palettes and most importantly, CUSHIONS BABY!

tony-moly-pokemon-collection Tony Moly are still being a pain in the ass since it is already September 14 and they still yet to release my cushions!!!  Not only that, I had to search far and wide to find out there are even Jigglypuff products in this collection as well!  I”m assuming the compacts maybe some type of blushes?  Not sure but TONY MOLY RELEASE THEM ALREADY SO I CAN BUY IT AND GET MY PACKAGE SENT OUT.  SO ANNOYING!

Leaving on that angry note, that concludes the second “what’s new in K-beauty”.  Anything that you guys are eyeing as well?  It seems like I’m going to have to do this series almost every week with the amount of products that gets released.  Let me know what you guys think of this series and should I continue it.

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  1. sabrina

    sooo many interesting things, i want to try glow on from etude !!! and a pokemon cushion just for Jigglypuf ( my favorite )

  2. brokebiiwty

    Wow thanks for compiling this again! Lots of new interesting products and I wanna get my hands on the jigglypuff themed Tony Moly stuff haha. On a side note, how long does it take you to make these posts?? I enjoy this series and you should definitely continue it!

    1. Christina

      Whenever I see anything that is new, I keep a note of it. Then I go back to save and edit the pictures. To finish a whole post, it almost takes me 4 days. The title page takes the longest since I have to photoshop out the images and do a collage haha. I’m glad you find it useful and I’ll try my best to keep up with this series. 🙂 Stay tuned for more!

  3. Camelia

    Great selection Christina! ^_^

    I have a question: where do you buy those Sesame Street items? I checked the It’s Skin online “shop” and its English translation doesn’t have prices.

    Congrats on a great site!

    1. Christina

      At the moment since the collection is so new, it won’t be on the US site for a while. Not sure if the US site will even have it so if you really want it, I’d suggest you use a buying service (I use boyahshop all the time) to get it. That way, you get the latest products and the gift with purchases as well 🙂

      1. Camelia

        Thanks a lot, very informative post!!! 😀

        1. Christina

          You are welcome :). Stay tuned for more!

  4. Midori

    Good Lord, the new stuff from Etude House and A’Pieu made me excited!

    1. Christina

      I know! Me too 😛

  5. T

    FYI, with Sesame St freebies:
    Buy a macaron cushion OR macaron pact and you get a coin purse

    Buy TWO macaron lip balms and you get a mirror

    Thanks so much for these product round-ups, it’s an easy way to keep up with the more well-known beauty products… 🙂

    1. Christina

      Oh la la! Thank you for the translation :). I will add it into the post <3
      Hope you will stay tuned for more and follow me on social media to get the latest scoop!

      1. T

        No problem!
        I want to clarify, because I didnt read the fine print of the poster:
        Pouch is available Sept 13th till whenever they run out
        Mirror is available from the Sept 19th till runout

        Just want to save someone heartache for not getting a mirror for ordering too early :p

        1. Christina

          Much appreciated along with everyone that is eyeing the “gift with purchases” :P. Thank you!

  6. Grace

    I love these “what’s new in kbeauty” posts! I seriously had a mini heart attack when I saw the Etude House any cushion cream filter, can’t wait till I get my hands on one ???? Probably my most anticipated product

    I love the A’pieu Gel like lip in RD04, looks like the perfect MLBB shade. Also,80cents sheet masks shaped like milk cartons? Count me in ???? And omg Gudetama with oil blotting papers on his face! I need that pact lol. I’m sort of interested in the Bon Vivant aloe cleanser but since Memebox only ships to the US that’s a no go 🙁 Why cant they ship to Canada though… *sobs*

    I’m curious though, what buying service do you use? I sort of get the gist of how they work, but how do you figure out the promotions without knowing Korean? Like I had no idea that by buying a certain amount you can get that adorable headband.

    1. Christina

      I’m also curious to see the Etude House cushion when it comes out :). Not sure if i’d get it for myself though since it just looks like another Blur product but we’ll see.

      And yes, the A’pieu lipsticks look gorgeous! I want one for myself but none of the shades scream at me :'(.

      I use Boyah. I have tried a lot of other buying services but Boyah is the best since she is flexible, lowest commission rate and she doesn’t mind when I just want to hold up my stuff so I can keep buying :P. As for figuring out how the promotion works, I either guess my way through or I ask someone to help me translate. Usually when I see the gift with purchases, there is ” 2만원” which means “spend $20” to get the free gift. The gifts are pretty easy to understand with no Korean under your belt and sales… well you see numbers like 30%-50%, you know there is a sale going on LOL. That’s pretty much it.

  7. urFONGY

    Thank you for continuing this series! I’m intrigued about the MakeOn skin light therapy machine too! I didn’t know there was a minimum size limit for shipping by sea… =___=;;

  8. Steph

    Ahhh so many pretty things! I’m actually heading to Korea (we’re deliberately stopping there on the way to LA) in about a month, so this is perfect timing! Can’t wait to top up my stash once more. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Christina

      So lucky :'(!! I’m thinking maybe to make a trip to Korea next year but we shall see! Have fun with your trip!

  9. Apple

    I love this series! Very informative, yet condensed. Definitely saves me a lot of time, I love looking at the new collabs all in one post. Please continue!

    1. Christina

      Your wishes are heard and I’ll definitely continue on with the series~~

  10. R

    Ah yeah, I remember seeing AConcept a while back, along with Huxley. Really like the smaller companies getting some publicity.

    1. Christina

      Ohh I see, so it isn’t a new brand. Good to know :). I like to find indie brands since I’m kind of sick of the few main brands sometimes.

  11. Ariel

    Hi, just wondering if you have tried the beauty people cushion foundations? The packaging looks so pretty I’m tempted to get it but I can’t seem to find any reviews online 🙁 also what is the etude house glow on/ oil volume base? Is it like a primer that will be suitable for combination skin?

    1. Christina

      All of the products you mentioned, I have already purchased and is on the way in the mail. As for the Etude House glow on primer, Edward Avila on Youtube did a first impression on it if you want to check it out!

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