What’s new in K-beauty Vol.7

The K-beauty world has been kind of slow in the new releases but I thought I’d do a round up anyways since there are a couple of interesting products I’d like to show you guys. Rainbow brushes to sunscreen oil, let’s get into what new products K-beauty has to offer!  Let’s go~~

16 airbeam pact peach tone up 21,000 won

For those of you who know the brand Chosungah 22 which is a mid range brand with some unique products, they also have a sister brand called “16 brand”.  From what I see, Chosungah 22 is a very modern, hip brand that creates some innovative and interesting products like their Dong Gong Minn brow maker. 16 brand is kind of like the teen sister that comes at a cheaper price point and the whole feel of the brand is a little more feminine, softer and slightly more innocent overall.  I think their most famous product is the finger pen which you can use on your eyes, lips or face.

They recently added a whole line of cushion products including a peach “tone up” product which is suppose to brighten up the complexion which you can use either before your base make up or afterwards on top.

16 air beam pact-base 21,000 won

Along with the peach base, they also have a BB cushion that comes in 3 shades.  The middle where the number 16 is in the cushion is suppose to be a “moist beam” which I’m guessing is just a built in highlighter.

16 mochi pact 16,000 won

I’m going to take a wild guess and say these “mochi pacts” is either a cream blusher/highlighter/contour or it is one of those bounce type of products.  Usually if they state a product is a “mochi”. it usually means two sponge cushions with the product sandwiched in the middle.  This one however is nothing like that so I have no clue.

A’pieu gel-lasting liners (6 shades) 6,800 won

So I’m seeing this a whole lot.  K-beauty brands like Missha and now A’pieu are doing this whole concept where they are getting these products produced in Europe and then hiking up the prices like nobody’s business.  Missha two months ago came out with a collection called “italprism” which is allegedly produced in Italy.  I mean one single eyeshadow retails for 14,000 won… the hell?  Well since A’pieu is a sister company of Missha, they too have a collection that is advertised as “made in Germany”.  At the moment, they are just gel liners that come in 6 shades.  Not a big fan of this whole “made in Europe” concept since I turn to K-beauty to get away from that, getting away from the whole pricy tags but now it’s coming back full circle.  What do you guys think about this?

A’pieu Soo Boo Ji finish cream 12,000 won
A’pieu Soo Boo Ji Foundation ( 2 shades) 12,000 won
A’pieu Soo Boo Ji start toner 12,000 won

Uhh I have no clue what is going on with this whole Soo Boo Ji collection.  The only information I can pick up is that the line contains camomille extract, Centella extract and many something to do with catcus and olives for hydration (guessing from the pictures).  If you guys know what this line of products is targeted towards, let me know in the comments down below please :).

A’pieu real big yogurt one-bottle sheet mask (strawberry, original, apple) 1,000 won

So this is definitely not a new thing, this whole yogurt drink sheet mask thing.  I’ve seen it for a while now on Korean SNS and I guess A’pieu also decided to jump on the bandwagon. I do like me some dairy skincare products since it usually works really great with my dry skin.  If I’m not mistaken, I think SBoni was the first to come out with yogurt drink sheet masks were they retail for 3,000 each.

Bbia last layering pencils Retro kit 19,000 won or 4,700 won each

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m quite a big fan of the brands Bbia and Eglips.  Not only are they both very affordable brands, they also offer some unique products as well.  I personally really love the Eglips pressed blur powder, not only because it’s one of Pony’s favourite setting powders, but it truly “blurs” the skin but still maintains a non-cakey and dry look.  Well BBia is a sister company as well and they recently came out with these fantastic looking lip pencils!  They technically aren’t out at the moment since they are going to be released on February 15, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look.

So the set on the left contains more nude and wearable plums while the second set on the right contains very interesting and fun shades like that really popular (and ugly in my opinion) light greyish beige shade as well as a black!  That is such a rare occurrence in the K-beauty world since they usually like to stick to shades that sell, like oranges, reds, pinks.  Never do you see interesting shades like that.  I’m really tempted to pick these up for myself but I know I really don’t need them.  The struggles….I mean I could just pick up a couple of shades but then I’ll just be like, well might as well get the set then HAHA.

These pencils, you can either wear them as gradiation by itself or mixed, or even all over the lips.  The more I look at it, the more i want it.  Someone stop me…

Etude House Fix and Fix primer (four shades)  12,000 won

I guess now that the colour correcting train has begin in the K-beauty world, there is no signs of stopping.  Etude House came out with these color correcting primers and I can’t help but remember the time when they had those baby choux base ones in the sweet recipe line three or four years ago.  Not too sure if they still have that one but I still have it in my collection but I never use it since I don’t really find it to do that much for my skin and it makes my make up feel a bit too heavy.  These new ones seem to be thinner in texture so if you are looking for some new ones, maybe look these up.

Etude House lip rich vivid tints (10 shades) 12,000 won each 

If you really are itching to get something from Etude House, I’d suggest you go with their lip products because those usually have a high success rate.  They came out with these “vivid tints” that come in 10 shades and they look gorgeous in the lip swatches.  I love that dark purple shade (PP501) as well as the lightest pink shade (PK001) but I’m pretty sure that one would look just like a lip gloss on me haha.

Etude House wonder fun park collection
Wonder fun park color eyeshadow palette (2 versions) 19,000 won
Wonder fun park dear darling soda tints (10 shades) 5,000 won each
Wonder fun park candy cheeks 13,000 won
Wonder fun park candy highlighter 13,000 won
Wonder fun park dear my blooming lipstick (5 shades) 9,500 won each
Wonder fun park curl fix color mascara (purple, mint) 12,000 won each
Wonder fun park eau de toilette 18,000 won
Wonder fun park nail kit 7,500 won
Wonder fun park false lashes (2 versions) 3,500 won
Wonder fun park candy cheek brush 11,000 won
Wonder fun park highlighter brush 8,500 won
Wonder fun park duo eyeshadow brush 7,500 won
Wonder fun park hair fragrance mist 7,500 won

Etude House released a big collection at the start of the new year called “Wonder fun park”.  The advertisement and the packaging is as cute as it can get, with the pastel colours and the eye catching highlighter and cheek pact which is a spin off of the rainbow highlighter that took the internet by storm.  Morgan from the beauty breakdown on Youtube recently actually reviewed this collection and she said the whole collection was a huge disappointment and I could see why.  Both the cheek and highlighter were not pigmented at all, the lipsticks shades offered were quite average, and only the lip tints were not half bad.  I personally can already see the brushes being more of a gimmick then useful as well as looking scratchy.  The cut of the highlighter brush looks like a child’s make up brush, hair fragrance I wouldn’t dare use since it would dry out my hair with the alcohol involved in the formulation and the eyeshadow was chalky.  I’d give this collection a pass.

I’m meme I’m dual multi stick 16,000 won

Yey!  More contour products from Memebox hehe.  The packaging for their new “I’m dual multi stick” reminds me a whole lot of Etude House’s play 101 contour and highlighting stick. For some reason in the promo picture for the stick (the one I’m showing you), the contour shade indicator looks orange but there is only one shade available and the promo pictures afterwards doesn’t look orange.  Me and Memebox cream products always work out so I have high hopes for this product.

I’m meme I’m lip pencil matte (6 shades) 10,000 won
To go along with their matte lip pencils, they also have new lip liners as well!  The last shade (006) is a really quite flesh colour that would be great to have in anyone collection.  You can either use it to blend out gradiation lips or even tone down dark lip colours.

I’m meme I’m portable mirror 12,000 won
What can I say about this, it’s a mirror LOL.  A mirror with a built in stand that allows it to sit up for your convenience.

Missha italprism modern shadow collection 72,000 won
Yes, I didn’t make a mistake.  This eyeshadow palette retails for 72,000 won ($70).  What on earth… Roadshop brands are suppose to be relatively affordable.  Like I mentioned up above, the whole “italprism” line is allegedly produced in Italy, hence the price hike.  Would I get this palette?  Most likely not.  Most because all the shade are shimmery and I can go and find myself some decent shimmery shades for less then $5.  What I’m really looking for are buttery mattes, something that is a whole lot harder to find.  $70 for this palette, no thank you.  I’d rather take that money and go with a truly high end brand.Missha time revolution night repair ampoule 37,800 won
It seems like Missha has revamped their super famous and popular time revolution night repair ampoule, making this new one the 3 generation.  Now word on the street is that this ampoule is supposedly a dupe for Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum
, something I can’t comment on since I haven’t tried anything from Estee Lauder before.  I do have samples of this product so I think I’m going to whip it out and finally try it for myself.

Skinfood new juicy extraction blush
I don’t have any information about this product or even how much it retails since it isn’t released yet.  But Skinfood will be releasing these liquid tint type blushers in four shades I’m guessing and they really remind me of the ones that Benefit has, posie tint, posietint, cha cha tint and lollitint doesn’t it?  Excited to see these being released and I might pick them up in the future to review.

Tony Moly BCDation multi use sun oil 18,000 won
Tony Moly has been expanding their BCDation line lately, and this product has to be one of the most unique products ever.  This is a facial oil with built in sun protection, SPF 50 PA+++ to be exact.  HELLO!  This oil you can just either after moisturizer or even mixing it into foundation or any type of skincare and even your hair products!  I’m definitely picking me up a bottle of this stuff!

Tony Moly Go cover high cover concealer 6,500 won
Don’t really have much information on this product other then it being a high coverage concealer and it’s in a pot LOL.  That’s all this sista has got for you XD.

Tony Moly painting therapy pack 3,300 won each
The whole coloured facial painting has been a thing lately and I honestly don’t know why.  People are getting a kick out of coloured mud masks so Tony Moly also jumped onto the bandwagon and came out with 5 “therapy packs” which include:
-grey tube: black color clay for serum control
-pink tube: pink color clay for sos care
-white tube: white color clay for  brightening
-teal tube: blue color clay for hydrating and calming
-yellow tube: yellow color cream clay for moisturizing

I mean for the price of $3 each, these would be cute to try but not something I’d be gung ho about.

Tony Moly two way volume mascara (black and brown) 18,800 won

These “two wand” mascaras isn’t anything new.  Don’t be a fool like me when these first came out in the drugstore, I truly thought there was two wands in the tube.  I’m like “wow! That is a great value for your money!”  No you idiot (directed to me), there is one wand but there is an extra filter.  So if you pull out step 1, the wand goes through the tube filter where as the step 2 would just go through the regular filter.  That way for step 1, you’d get less product and a more natural looking finish.  Got it?  Don’t be an idiot like me LOL.

And that is it for this volume of “what’s new in K-beauty”.  This time it was a shorter one since there doesn’t seem to be that many new releasees at the moment.  I think for me, the most exciting product would have to be the Tony Moly sun oil product.  That excites the dry skin me since facial oils is a must for the winter time and I always forget to put on sunscreen, so it would be a win win for my skin.

What product are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Yolli

    Christina, the Missha ampoule is supposed to be a dupe of the Estee Lauder ampoule, not the SKII essence. The Missha FTE is the dupe for the SKII essence 🙂

    1. Christina

      Ahh right right. I thought something was off haha. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Midori

    I’m so excited for those Skinfood blushes! If they are anything similar to the Benefit tints, I’m buying all the shades!
    BBia released some new powder blushes a while ago too. I still haven’t seen them online, though, sadly.

    1. Christina

      I wish I didn’t throw away my mini deluxe sizes of the Benefit tints or else I could have did a comparison. Darn! I was about to say I do have a BBia blush but I just remembered it is a Eglips blush. I loveeeee the formula! So cheap too 😛

  3. Anna

    The sun oil is so cool!! Unique and innovative product.

    1. Christina

      That reminds me, I need to pick it up! Thanks HAHA

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