What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 8

It’s been a while since I did the last what’s new eh?  Actually I was planning on discontinuing this series since it was so time consuming.  But since I’m always on the hunt on looking at all the new releases, I kind of felt guilt so I started this series back up.  Who knows, I may truly discontinue it one day depending on your feedback.  Anyways, let’s get into volume 8 of what’s new in K-beauty.  GO GO~

A’pieu 3D contouring stick duo 10,000 won

I’m slightly underwhelmed with all the contour sticks being released.  I’m not surprised that A’pieu has their own version since Missha came out with one not too long ago.  The one from Missha looks exactly like it would be a dupe of Lancome’s contour stick, which I actually ordered heheheh so it is coming to me.

A’pieu lip therapy lip balm 7,800 won

I’ve actually seen this lip balm all over social media but I thought it was just fresh’s sugar lip balms.  To my surprise, these are actually from A’pieu and are only $7 each!  Say what!  The packaging looks exactly the same, the two shades offered (original with no color and a red tinted balm) just reminds me of fresh.  If anyone tried these, let me know!

A’pieu color lock lip top coat 9,000 won

So I’ve been seeing a huge trend with these lip lock top coats lately.  A’pieu isn’t the only ones that are coming out with their own lip top coat, but since I can’t think of which other brands have them off the top of my head, this one will do.  I also ordered this since I’m curious myself to see if these things actually work or it is all just a gimmick.

A’pieu 3D highlighting kit 10,000 won

A’pieu not only has their contour kit that looks exactly like the one from Too cool for school, they now also have a highlighting kit that looks exactly like TCFS as well.  If you haven’t checked out my review on the TCFS trio palettes, click here for this review.

A’pieu wonder tension cushion 12,800 won

So the wonder tension has been a cushion I’ve been wanting to get my hands on, and with this new design, it is definitely one I want to pick up.  Unfortunately for me, I already picked up the cushion with the regular cover before this release T_T.  Sadness.  From the looks of it, this cushion is suppose to be higher in coverage then the other ones A’pieu cushions.  They also came out with another version with a green trim, which I think is designed for people with acne prone skin?  Not too sure but that’s what I’m guessing from the pictures.Too cool for school art class studio de teint corrector 25,000 won

I’ve been a fan of too cool for school art class products ever since Rodin contour, blush and highlighter.  So it is nice to see that they are expanding on the art class line.  Going along with the color correcting trend, TCFS came out with their own tinted color primers.

Too cool from school art class studio de teint liquid air foundation 28,000 won

I personally haven’t tried any TCFS foundations.  I actually have one of those bento BB cushion things I bought a while back, but I still haven’t tried it. Shame on me haha.  I’m slowly trying out more and more foundations, but I personally like BB cushions more since it is more convenient.  Maybe I will give this a try in the future if this product ever cross paths with me.

Too cool for school glamrock veiled ssin 36,000 won

If you have been around the Korean Youtuber block, you’ll know who Ssinim is.  Last year or the year before, she collborated with UNPR to produce her own cosmetic line.  This year, she has collborated with Too cool for school for this eyeshadow and blush palette.  For me personally, I don’t find these palettes that appealing since it has a lot of neutral shades with only one pop of color, which I also already have.  I’ve heard good things about their glamrock eyeshadows, but I haven’t tired it myself nor does the color combinations compel me to want to get one for myself.

Tool cool for school pumpkin purifying 24K mask 15,000 won

TCFS’s pumpkin mask is one of their best selling items.  I guess they felt the need to do a spinoff since they were feeling fancy, so they pulled out all their gold coins and created this gold pumpkin mask.  If you don’t know, gold is actually an antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory properties.  So if your feeling fancy, here’s a gold mask for you on your Friday nights with a glass of wine.

Too cool for school dinoplatz bacio brachio 21,000 won

For some reason lately, K-beauty brands have been on a whole “made in Europe” kick lately.  Missha has a line of eyeshadows made in Italy, A’pieu has a  line made in Germany and now TCFS has these dinoplatz matte lipsticks made in Italy.  I really don’t get it, but maybe it is because i don’t live in that pond.  If anyone know why that craze is happening, let me know in the comments.

Too cool for school coconut pure soothing gel 12,000 won

Soothing gels has always been a popular item, especially the aloe ones.  Nature republic’s best selling product is their aloe gel and a lot of companies have their own versions as well.  Bamboo, cucumber gels are also a thing and now there is a coconut gel from TCFS.  I wonder if it smells like coconut :P.

Too cool for school jelly blusher 12,000 won

I can’t tell if these are cream blushes or one of those bounce blushes.  Either way, the packaging is super cute but the colors the offer aren’t that special to be honest.  I’m more interested in how the formula is :P.  Maybe I have too much make up to the point where I’m so picky.

Tool cool for school art class intonaco master 15,000 won

Tony Moly x Pokemon Pikachu lip balm 6,240 won

Wow, Tony Moly.  Why are you still releasing Pokemon stuff.  I thought the collection would be over by now since it has been more then half a year since their first release of the collaboration collection.  At this point, it is kind of like beating a dead horse.  Let it go Tony Moly, let it go.

Tony Moly go cover concealer 11,800 won

From what I have heard, Tony Moly’s concealers aren’t half bad.  I have only tired a couple of their skincare and I have couple of their eyeliners and lip tints, but I personally have never tried their concealers.  With this new duo concealer, I might just have to pick this up one day.  On one side, there is the cream concealer that comes in a very convenient rectangular shape which is good for precision. On the other side, there is the cream concealer.  All of it in a super sleek pen formation.  I’m interested :).

Tony Moly face mix color correcting cushion 8,800 won

Yey, more color correcting cushions.  Must I say more LOL.  I’m kind of over color correcting at this point.  Blah.

The face shop x The Simpsons collection

Okay, now this might be one of the more surprising which I totally didn’t see coming.  The face shop is one brand that comes out with a lot of collaborations, one after another.  I can’t remember off the top of my head which ones they had, but all I remember is that I don’t’ really like their CC cushions which they offer.  Blah.. kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth in terms of wanting to try out more face shop products.

Top (left to right)
-Natural sun eco sun cream (Homer) 15,000 won
-Natural sun eco photogenic sun blur (Marg) 9,000 won
-Natural sun eco clear sunscreen stick (Lisa) 15,000 won
-Natural sun eco baby mild sun cream (Maggie)  13,000 won
-Sun cushions coming soon

Bottom (left to right)
-Deodorant spray (Homer) cotton mild  5,600 won
-Deodorant spray (Marg) cotton fragrance 7,000 won
-Deodorant stick cotton mild (Homer and Marg) 8,000 won
-Deodorant roll on brightening (Homer) 9,000 won
-In-shower hair removal cream 11,000 won
-Make me dry shampoo  9,000 won
-Make me gorgeous bronze tanning oil 13,000 won

-The face shop x Simpsons hand cream 4,500 won
-The face shop x Simpson face masks 2,500 won

Skinfood mineral melting eyes cream shadow 8,000 won

These new cream shadow sticks from the skin food looks nice but the colors are so boring.  Seriously, I’m so bored with a lot of new releases since it is always the same browns and neutrals.  I know, I’m becoming a make up grump.
Pony effect pastel master eye palette 38,000 won

I still have yet to try these for myself but I think all three versions will be coming to me soon.  The first release of these eyeshadows was the matte one which is the one on the bottom left.  From the reviews, the eyeshadow palettes were not half bad and the pigmentation was quite decent.  They recently came out with two shimmer versions and they look bloody gorgeous.  They don’t solely have neutral shades, but they also have some very unique shades I don’t have in my collection.  Gonna give it up to Pony for her creativity in her products.

Pony effect long wear cushion foundation 42,000 won

Pony effect also does cushions very well.  Not only do they have four versions of cushions now with very eye catching compact, they also have 7 skintone shades to choose from.  The only other brands I can think of that has more then four shades for BB cushions are high end brands like Sulwhasoo, the history of whoo and Hera I think?  I don’t know too much about this cushion since there isn’t any English information on it, but I think Edward on Youtube has reviewed this cushion.
Pony effect contour lip color 28,000 won

I think Pony effect has some of the best lip colors out there, and I am a huge fan of their liquid matte lipsticks.  I get really excited when I see new lip products from them, and they came out with these duo lip pencils which has two shades.  One side is a lighter shade and the other is a corresponding darker shade.  Along side some regular reds, pinks and oranges, they also have some super unique shades like a brown, dark navy and a poopy chocolate brown.

Pony effect color correcting master palette 38,000 won

Again, color correcting.  LOL must I elaborate.

Pony effect mini magnetic brush set 47,600 won

I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to try Pony effect brushes, but from what I heard, they are pretty amazingly soft.  The magnetic bottom design is also very unique, although it is very reminiscent of Rae Morris brushes.  They came out with a mini brush set with the same magnetic bottoms and also a metal plate I think which you can stick your brushes on. Pretty cool stuff :D.

I’m meme I’m tic toc lip velvet 14,000 won

Velvet lip products are one of my most favourite finishes.  Matte is too dry for me liking and glossy looks like I drooled all over my lips.  I haven’t gotten the chance to try the original versions of the tic toc lip paints, but they now have a whole line of velvet finishes.  Oh yeaaaa!

I’m meme I’m lip crazy matte 9,000 won

Funny thing about these new shades, when I reviewed the first batch of the matte lip crayons, I said in my review that I wish they would have more unique shades.  And then boom, couple weeks later, they released these! The new batch of shades include a dark purple, some browns and even a super beige/ sand shade that I have never seen before.  Super excited to try these out.  I think these are on their way to me?

I’m meme I’m multitasker brush set 30,000 won

Toothbrush make up brushes isn’t anything new at this point, but it is nice to see a different shape rather then the oval that all companies product.  I’m meme has ones that are a little odd but I can see how the odd shape would be advantageous since it would be easier to get into the cracks and crevices.

I’m meme I’m shield fixer 18,000 won

Urban decay has been slaying the setting spray game, but it is nice to see K-beauty brands coming out with their own setting sprays.  From the top of my head, I can think of a handful of brands that also have their own setting sprays.  But I’m slightly Memebox bias so :P.

Peri Pera velvet blushes 8,000 won

Peri Pera has been killing it with their releases.  They recently came out with a line of velvet blushes and I can see two very unique shades.  Well lavender isn’t that unique, but the dark brink wine shade is gorgeous!

Peri Pera tint water 7,000 won

I’m not too sure what these are, but from the packaging, I’m guessing that these are a glossy version of their water tint?  I actually have the originals that I have yet to review, but I will get on that as soon as I get the tint remover in the mail.  The problem I have with tints is that they don’t come off even with oil based make up removers!!  How the heck is that possible.  If I need to do swatches of 6 shades, I’m really going to need my tint remover.

Peri Pera ink cushion 12,000 won

I’m not too sure if this is different then the original since from the looks of it, it looks like it is the same other then a different compact?  I haven’t tried the original one and I also haven’t seen any reviews on it.  Hmm.. should I get this?  BB cushion is my weakness.

Peri Pera ink color corrector 9,000 won

Peri Pera’s ink line is quite popular line, so it is nice to see them expand on the line.  They came out with color correctors.. LOL okay no more.  It’s color correctors.  I’m sick of talking about them.

Peri Pera ink concealer 9,000 won

Alongside the ink color corrector, they also came out with ink concealer.  Not sure how my dry skin feels about these since these formulas usually are too drying on my skin.  I need a hydrating cream but I’d be open to try these out.Clio nudism water grip cushion 30,000 won

Now I’ve always said, Clio makes some of the best bast make up.  They constantly pump out base make up that are pretty bomb, and they came out with this water cushion that I can’t seem to get myself to want to try.  The mesh on that thing, just looking at it gives me the chills for some reason. This cushion is one of those that produces water droplets, but I honestly don’t know why they have the mesh there for.

Clio water grip nudism 18,000 won
Clio nudism moist powder 25,000 won

Along with the nudism collection, they also have some under eye color corrector as well as pressed powder.

 Clio kill protection sun base 16,000 won
Clio kill protection sun stick 18,000 won
Clio kill protectun sun stick (gel balm) 16,000 won

Nature Republic nature origin triple color contouring cushion 18,900 won

This might be one of the more interesting cushions.  This is a trio contour cushion by Nature republic.  I’m kind of tempted to try this but at the same time, my brain is saying this is a gimmick.  I personally don’t care for bronzer cushions since you don’t get the same precision as cream or powder.

Missha signature aura tension 26,000 won

This must be super new since I haven’t even see anyone talk about these.  Missha came out with a new BB cushion which I’m quite excited about.  I really like the M magic cushion and their tension cushion, so this new aura version excites me very much so.Missha all around safe block tension cushion 17,800 won

Since summer is just around the corner, every company is coming out with tons of sun protection.  Now I have to admit, I’m not the best person when it comes to remembering to wear sun protection.  But I have been enjoying the balm type sunscreens, so sunscreens have my attention now.  This one from Missha seems to be a light tint with high SPF coverage and not one of those balm type sun protection.
Mediheal black label golden chip mask 99,000 won for 36 sheet masks

These might be one of the most expensive sheet masks I have ever seen.  I’m not sure if they sell these by the singles, but one box contains 36 sheet masks for $100.  Say what??  There are gold chips all around the face, and I really don’t know what the purpose of that is for.  My guess they are the pressure points on the face?  But how that benefits our skin, I got no clue.

Labiotte classic made fitting cushion 34,000 won

Labiotte is most famous for their wine lip products, and now they have a BB cushion with super duper cute packaging.  If I’m not mistaken, Labiotte is a sister brand of Tony Moly?  I forgot where I heard that from, but I think that is try.  Look at the air puff!!  It’s even a bear shape…. DAWWWW.

Holika Holika lip conic 10,900 won

These new glossy lip colors look amazing!  Although they are a bit too glossy for my liking, they have a ton of very nice and vibrate looking shades. I think one of my favourite shades is BE01 which is a muted, dusty grape shade.  Gorgeous! 

Holika Holika hard cover cushion (original and glow version) 22,900 won

After having great success with Holika Holika’s face 2 change cushion, I’m not very interested in the other base make up products they product.  They recently came out with a line of cushions called “hard cover” with two versions, a matte version and a glow cushion.  I think it is suppose to have a higher coverage and it comes with three shades, but the shade look a little questionable.  It is either really yellow, neutral and then SUPER tan.  What the…

Hera black cushion 55,000 won

Hera is one of those brands that come out with very little new products.  So it was quite surprising and a big thing that they came out with a new cushion.  From what I heard, these are suppose to be a dupe for the YSL cushion but it is slightly cheaper and more readily available.

Etude House all day perfect cushion 20,000 won

After that underwhelming morning cushion Etude House released not too long ago, I’m a little turned off on trying anymore Etude House cushions.  They came out with this all day perfect cushion, which I haven’t seem much press on nor have I see any reviews.  Not interest.  Blah.

Etude House play color eyes sakura palette 22,000 won

Now Etude House’s eyeshadow palettes I am a fan of.  My boyfriend surprised me with one of their older neutral palettes couple years back for my birthday.  I gave them a try, and it easily became one palette I grab all the time.  To my surprise, the pigmentation is quite good and for the price, you really can’t beat it.  I know these sakura palettes are selling out like hot cakes, so I’d pick it up fast if you really want one.
Etude House jelly eyeshadow 3,5000-5,000 won

Now Etude house single eyeshadows is a different story.  they are a hit or miss,  most of the time it is a miss.  Their shimmery single eyeshadows are not half bad, but their matte ones are not so great.  Not sure if these new jelly formula are an improvement, but I’d proceed with caution.

Etude House glass tinting lip stick (case 4,000 won, lipstick refill 8,000 won)

Etude House lip products are 80% safe to buy.  I really love the lip enamel lipsticks and their lip tints are pretty good as well.  I’ve been eyeing these lip cases and lipstick for a while, but the color selection is only so so other then the light blue changing shade that catches my eye.

What do you guys think about these new releases?  Which ones excite you?  So many new releases, and not all of the I got to since there are sone really boring ones that aren’t even worth mentioning.  Hope this was fun for you guys to read :).  Cheers~

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  1. Sarajessica

    I really like these posts, I don’t follow any other blogs that posts just new stuff. There’s always something that catches my eye, so thank you!

    1. Christina

      Aww shucks :), thanks for always keeping up with them even though they don’t come out regularly.

  2. Fransisca Devita

    The apieu tension cushion with that special marimond case looks so stunning that i have ordered one for myself! Cant wait to see how it performs. I watched some reviews on youtube and it’s a mixed review, you either hate it or love it. Hopefully it will work on me!

    Oh and that labiotte cushion.., duhhh.. can they please stop releasing new cushion with adorable designs? I’ve got like 5 gudetama cushions lying around.. ???????? i wont ever get that clio cushion with that strange mesh that gives me tripophobia, though. ????

    Please continue this series! I love looking at all the new sparkly products on the market and find your article to always be very useful!

    1. Christina

      Wow you guys know more then me. I didn’t even know it was called Marimond :D. I should really research on the cushion, but then again, I got it coming to be so I guess I’ll find out for mysef haha.

      Gurl I got like 50+ cushions at this point and half of them are still waiting for me to crack it open.

  3. Nailderella

    Thanks for taking the time to do these recaps! I really enjoy reading (but my purse not so much;; ).

    1. Christina

      Haha enabler in chief 😛

  4. yuna

    I already got the nature republic triple contour cushion. I think it might work for skin tones that generally whiter but for those who have bronze/brown/tan skin color it works great as an alternative cushion since all cushions made by korean brands are not fit for those skin types

    1. Christina

      Do you find the strips useful or gimmicky?

      1. yuna

        I think its useful if bb cushion colors are generally whiter than your skin tone since you can mix 3 colors. Its a bit gimmicky if your trying to use it as a contour cushion though.. I use it more to fit my skin tone and not as a contour cushion.

  5. Kelly

    These are my favorite posts from your blog! I really love seeing the newest releases and no other blog I’ve found does this.

    I got my eye on those holika holika lip colors and the Apieu balms! If they’re anything like the fresh ones I’m sold

    1. Christina

      Seems like someone in the comments (thebestdiandra) said they are quite similar! I’d love to see for myself if they are similar to the fresh ones as well hehe

  6. urFONGY

    Thank you for writing these types of posts! I’ve been reading your WHATS NEW IN K BEAUTY blogs since the first one and always look forward to seeing the next one!

    1. Christina

      The caps lock is unreal LOL. I love your excitement 🙂

  7. thebestdiandra

    I have the A’PIEU Lip Therapy in Rose Wood and I really love it. I have the fresh SUGAR balm too (in Rose) and while the two are VERY different colors (the A’PIEU has a much stronger tint, similar to the fresh SUGAR in Cherry), they are REALLY similar products. Even though A’PIEU is a lower priced line, the packaging itself is similar to the fresh, but it doesn’t screw on and it’s considerably smaller. I am going to get the plain one next time I haul so that way my husband can use it too; the rose wood is too pigmented for him.

    Also, for anyone into the Marymond packaging for the A’PIEU cushion, check out the Marymond story, it’s really great: http://en.marymond.com/shopinfo/company.html

    1. Christina

      Ohh It’s the first time finding out about the brand so thank you for the link :). Also thank you for your input. That’s super helpful for me and the other readers~

  8. Ai

    I really appreciate these posts, along with your other reviews!! Looking forward to see the swatches of the I’m Meme’s velvet lips!

    1. Christina

      I think I have them coming to me so helpfully I can get swatches out soon

  9. Jay

    Love these posts. I’m thinking of getting all the color correctors (jk)

    1. Christina

      HAHA you tease

  10. Janette

    I just found your blog and really enjoy your content. I found it through your a’pieu air fit cushion review. There are so many k-beauty stuff that it’s difficult to keep up with all of them. I really want to try the Clio nudism(despite of the odd looking mesh) and a’pieu tension moist pact with floral design. ^^ that a’pieu and missha contour stick look intriguing. One year ago, I ordered a similar looking contour stick from Michelle phan’s cosmetic line, but the tip broke off so easily. Since then, I haven’t looked into contour sticks, but I like the convienence​ of having one around.

    1. Christina

      Hmm… I never got around to getting the Em cosmetic one since they didn’t have international shipping, but I do have the Lancome one which I believe is the same thing since it is under the same mother company. I do really like the Lancome one so I thought I would give the Missha one a try. I do have the Missha one in my hands but still haven’t had the chance to try it. I will for sure do a review on it though 🙂

  11. Nin

    Still wait for yor riview on a’pieu color lock lip????????

    1. Christina

      Gotcha 🙂

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