Winter moisturizer for dry skin

Moisturizers for dry skinWinter is just around the corner and to combat that if you have dry skin?  All the moisturizer you can collect.  Throughout the years, I’ve tested out tons and tons of moisturizers and have narrowed it down to these 6.  I’m super picky with my moisturizers and with my dry skin type, I need ones that are thick and will hydrate my skin for more than 12 hours.  If your dry skin like me, this one is for you ;). hana Hana cream $50
“A nourishing, anti-aging cream in spherical, perfectly portioned capsules to combat free radical damage, brighten the skin, and reverse the signs of aging. One capsule of cream contains proteins and peptides to improve the elasticity of the skin, creating a lifting and firming effect. Fullerene, a Nobel prize-winning ingredient, acts as an oxygen magnet, protecting against free radicals and plumping skin. A blend of natural oils and extracts revitalize and energize skin for a fuller, bouncier appearance. “

Gifted to me a couple of years back,  I still am holding onto this cream because it is so good.  I have reviewed it in the past and it surprised me how close this cream was to my beloved L’occitane shea butter ultra rich comforting cream but in a cooler capsule format and slightly less oily.  Those that enjoy a slightly oily finish that gets absorbed into the skin 2 hours later will love this.  One capsule would normally be just enough for your entire face, but I have a five finger forehead (aka. a big ass forehead)… therefore I need 2.

Cosrx balancium balance comfort creamCosrx Balancium balance comfort ceramide cream $26
A lightweight facial moisturizer that soothes irritated skin while protecting skin barrier.
Formulated with 10,000 ppm of Ceramide NP, 50% of Centella Asiatica Leaf Water, and 500 ppm of Centella Asiatica Medical Grade Extract.
EWG Verified (Safe Level), no artificial ingredients, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free
Good for dry, combination, and sensitive skin. Provides soothing, healing, moisturizing, and protective benefits.”

Cosrx definitely hits it home when it comes to their ceramide cream.  They actually discontinued the first Cosrx product I fell in love from them which was the honey ceramide cream (review here). This Balancium cream is the start of a new line for their ceramide line and I’m definitely not mad about it ;).  This cream is the perfect balance of being almost like a balm but absorbs into the skin without any greasy finish.  I always wake up to super soft and hydrated skin! But when winter comes, I will have to finish it off with a bit of facial oil if I want to get an extra kick of hydration.Cosrx low pH BHA overnight maskCosrx low pH BHA overnight mask 18,000 won
“This overnight mask uses 0.9% BHA to improve skin texture, help tackle blemishes, and brighten dark spots while you sleep. The addition of centella asiatica leaf water helps soothe skin while glycerin keeps skin hydrated. The best part is that the texture is lightweight and won’t weight your skin down.”

What?  Another Cosrx one?  Yes.. sorry hehe.  Cosrx is a brand I’ve tried extensively and I’ve tried almost all their products.  When this came out in the beginning of 2018, I got a personal sneak peek and tried it when I was in Korea and instantly fell in love.  I was slightly confused when they said this was an overnight mask, so is it a sleeping mask?  The lines are still blurred but I’ve just been using it at night because the amount you get isn’t a ton and I don’t want to run out!  Sometimes I would use it by itself, sometimes I would do spot treatments (mostly on my cheeks) on top of another moisturizer.  It has a texture almost like a balm but not as thick.  You can definitely feel the moisturizer forming hydrating protection. 

Klavuu white pearlsation enriched divine pearl creamKlavuu white pearlsation enriched divine pearl cream 43,300 won
“Pearl Korean pearl texture softy gets absorbed by your skin and brings your skin condition to the best of its abilities.  Get your young and health looking skin back!

Contains pearl extract, saccharum Officinarum (sugar cane extract), Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) extra) and Spiruline Platensis Extract)”

Klavuu has been a brand that I’ve been really digging and getting to know.  I reached out to them a couple months ago and they sent me a couple of their skincare products and I fell in love!!  I don’t now why not more people are talking about them, but I’m guessing maybe because they are hard to get.  They aren’t on the major online stores yet but they are on Amazon (link above).  Texture is nice and thick and leaves just the right amount of oil that gets absorbed into my skin overnight/ in two hours. If your thinking your skin will glow a bit from crushed pearls, this cream doesn’t but the serum from the same line does!

107 oneoseven coreflex hydro rich cream review107 Oneoseven coreflex hydro rich cream $52
“107 Core Flex cream has Moroheiya which has Hyalurone B that calms and delivers intensive hydration. It is formulated with squalane and natural oil that recharges and moisturizes the skin. It also has naturally fermented vinegar, red ginseng, pomegranate, and soy milk ingredients that will make skin looks and feels stronger and healthier both inside and out.”

107 oneoseven has been a brand I’ve loved for a long time.  When I went to Korea, I got a chance to meet the team and their dedication to their brand made me fall in love that much harder.  Yes, the price isn’t as affordable as the roadshop brands, but that is because they use high-quality ingredients along with their fermented vinegar!  Those of you that don’t know, fermented skincare is a huge thing in the Asian skincare world for its ability of a quicker absorption through the fermentation process.  I’m not an expert on fermented skincare so I might actually ask them to collaborate with me to do a post of fermented skincare and why it is so amazing.  Anyways this cream is one of the lighter consistency one out of all of them.  When I first used it years ago, I was telling myself that this won’t be moisturizing enough because it is so lightweight. Nope!  Blew me out of the waters and also maintained my skin in good health T_T.  Love!

So'natural water glow sauna creamSo’Natural water glow sauna cream $34
“Look like you just got back from a spa treatment with So Natural Water Glow Sauna Cream, a vitamin-enriched moisturizer that makes it easy to get that mul gwang water glow to your skin. With a gel texture holding thousands of red vitamin beads and clear oxygen bubbles, this moisturizer gives your skin a subtle gleam — not unwanted shine — as it brightens skin tone and acts as a superb primer under makeup. The oxygen bubbles help deliver moisture deep into your skin, while the vitamin beads even out skin tone. 10% coconut water, birch sap juice, hinoki cypress water, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and shea butter help moisturize dry and dehydrated skin for an instant boost in hydration and plumpness.”

Another moisturizer that blew me away.  Beautytap actually sent me this without any warning and I was like.. oh dear.  A gel… this isn’t going to work but I’ll try it regardless.  Out of the water I tell you, OUT OF THE GOD DAMN WATERS.  I usually don’t read up on skincare when I try out, I like to have hat blind test.  BUt when I finally read into it, Birch sap juice was the thing that stood out for me.  I found out dry skin really loves birch sap and even if the moisturizer is a gel texture, birch sap will do the trick.  This moisturizers also contains shea butter, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, all ingredients that are super moisturizer.  So good… SO SO GOOD.

That is it for this time.  Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  I’m trying to get my food blog back up to speed because I had to kill it and start from scratch again due to the WordPress multisite settings messing up this blog.  So I have tons of work to get it back to normal.  I got some good posts planned for you guys so stay tuned.  What’s new in K-beauty is definitely coming up ;).

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