Wishtrend Biggest Annual Black Friday sale 2020 I Shopping guide

Wishtrend black friday sale 2020 promo codeBlack Friday is just around the corner but a lot of stores are having their sales early.  Wishtrend is definitely one sale a lot of skincare lovers look forward to.  I have to admit, the sale is pretty darn good with up to 40% off all the brands that they carry.  This includes Klairs, By Wishtrend, Cosrx, Skin n lab, I’m from, and Rovectin.  Of course, there are a ton of products and it can be a bit overwhelming. 

No worries, your K-beauty bestie will help you navigate through it all and I’ll give you my personal recommendations along the way as well as linking you to my past reviews if there are any posted.  Let’s go!

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Wishtrend affiliate promo code black friday 2020You get 6 samples with every order and if you are ordering over $300, you can get 20% off with code “GOODSKINAHEAD”.  Wishtrend offers free shipping with orders over $150.

Wishtrend black friday sale 2020There is also a promo for this tiny suitcase kit and 4 minis of Wishtrend’s best sellers for $35 ($29.75 with my 15% off code).
-By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water (30ml)
-I’m From Fig Boosting Essence (30ml)
-Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask (15ml)
-Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence (20ml)
-Luggage Pouch (Silver)
-Luggage Stickers 1 sheet

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Klairs soft airy UV essence SPF 50 PA +++ $16.10 ($13.95)
Klairs midnight blue calming cream $17.15 ($14.58)
Klairs supple preparation unscented toner $15.40 ($13.09)
Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop $16.10 ($13.65)

Klairs gentle black deep cleansing oil $16.10 ($13.95)
Klairs Supple preparation facial toner $15.40 ($13.09)
Klairs rich moist soothing cream $17.15 ($14.58)
Klairs midnight blue youth activating drop $21.00 ($17.85)

Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask $18.90 ($16.07)
Klairs midnight blue calming sheet mask $2.10 ($1.79)
Klairs freshly juiced vitamin set $32.50 ($27.63)
Klairs rice moist foaming cleaner $12.60 ($10.71)

Klairs toner mate 2 in 1 cotton pad $4.55 ($3.87)
Klairs fundamental eye care set $31.20 ($26.52)
Klairs gentle black cleansing puff $1.40 ($1.19)
Klairs rich moist soothing tencel sheet mask $2.10 ($1.79)

I’ve had a little bit of a love-hate relationship with Klairs.  I know a ton of people loves their products, however, most of the products I have tried are more normal to oily skin type friendly.  Most of Klairs products are 30-40% off, which is an amazing discount.  OUt of all the ones up above, I’m currently testing out Klairs Soft Airy UV essence and I’m loving it.  It is one of the most loved products from Klairs along with their Klairs supple preparation facial toner which is super hydrating, just like how everyone is saying.  There is an unscented version as well if you don’t want all that essential oil mess up in there.

Klairs soft airy UV essence sunscreen has been a cult favorite for years and I finally got to try it for you guys whoo whoo!  I can definitely confirm the hype is real and well deserved.  The texture of this sunscreen is like the name, airy and soft while being hydrating and lightweight on the skin but no white cast.

Klairs supple preparation facial toner is another best seller for them and again, I can confirm the hype for this product is on point.  It is very lightweight and hydrating but the original does come with a cocktail of essential oils.  If you are sensitive to essential oils, they have an unscented version now as well!

I have tried Klairs midnight blue calming cream before and their midnight blue youth activating drop but it did absolutely nothing for me.  There are some people who have seen their skin calm down a lot with these two products, but I and my dry skin did not see any results. 

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Klairs daily skin hydrating water $18.90 ($16.07)
Klairs midnight blue delay aging set $35.43 ($30.12)
Klairs mid day blue UV shield $16.10 ($13.68)
Klairs Angry skin calming package unscented version $64.35 ($54.70)

Klairs supple preparation all over lotion $18.55 ($15.77)
Klairs fundamental nourishing eye butter $16.45 ($13.98)
Klairs rich moist soothing serum $16.10 ($13.69)
Klairs rich moist package $30.63)

Klairs illumination supple blemish cream $17.50 ($14.87)
Klairs deep cleansing package $44.50 (37.87)
Klairs freshly juiced smoothing package $62.15 ($52.83)
Klairs gentle black sugar facial polish $13.80 ($11.73)

Klairs fundamental eye awakening gel $17.15 ($14.58)
Klairs fundamental ampule mist $18.90 ($16.07)
Klairs daily skin-softening water $18.90 ($16.07)
Klairs youthful recovery drop set $34.45 ($29.28)

I haven’t tried much else from this list other then the Klairs mid-day blue UV shield which they advertise as “a hydrating, lightweight, non-irritant” sunscreen with a semi-matte finish.  I tried it right when it first launched and thought I liked it at first, but after a while, I found the sunscreen just sitting on top of my skin and not ever settling down.  People also say the original soft airy UV sunscreen is still the better choice.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Klairs gentle black sugar charcoal soap $7.80 ($6.63)
Klairs rich moist soothing set $30.88 ($26.25)

Klairs angry skin-calming package $63.35 ($53.85)
Klairs fundamental watery oil drop $21.70 ($18.45)

Klairs youthful glow sugar mask $16.80 ($14.28)
Klairs light hydrating set $37.70 ($32.05)
Klairs supple preparation body soap $7.70 ($6.50)
Klairs fundamental water gel cream $21.70 ($18.45)

Klairs cushion whenever $22.20 ($18.87)
Klairs rich moist facial soap $6.60 ($5.61)
Klairs mochi BB cushion $24.30 ($20.65)
Klairs basic soothing set $29.25 ($24.86)

Klairs essential brightening set $47.45 ($40.33)
Klairs miniatures $4.55 ($3.87)
Klairs gentle black fresh cleansing oil $16.80 ($14.28)
Klairs daily skin water set $35.10 ($29.83)

Okay, thankfully from this list, there are two products I do really like. Klairs gentle black fresh cleansing oil (haven’t written a full review for yet) is a nice semi-thick cleansing oil that smells like brown sugar and does not sting my eyes, nor leave my skin with a gross film.  My skin also feels very hydrated after which I love!

There is also the BEAUTIFUL Klairs fundamental watery gel cream which I did not expect to like as much as I do.  It is a lightweight gel-cream that packs an absolute punch in the hydration and moisturizing department and I cannot live without it.  It is definitely holy grail status and I kind of wish I didn’t accidentally tip half of the jar onto the floor SIGH.

I’ve also tried the Klairs mochi BB cushion which is a decent product but not for me and my dry skin.  It is a semi-matte to matte finished and made me look even drier. However, it has light to medium coverage and would work better if you are normal to oily skin type.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Klairs gentle deep cleansing set $38.35 ($32.60)
Klairs drop trio set $54.60 ($46.41)
Klairs eco kit $9.80 ($8.33)
Klairs cruelty-free kit $37.10 ($31.54)
Klairs poop bag $11.20 ($9.52)
Klairs vitamin duo trial kit $22.40 ($19.04)

I’m dying to try the Klairs vitamin duo, so if I were to get something from Klairs which I haven’t tried before, that would be it!  And with my 15% off code running for $19.04, not bad at all.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
By wishtrend Mandelic acid 5% skin prep water $13.20 ($11.48)
By wishtrend green tea & enzyme powder wash $15.40 ($13.09)
By wishtrend multi function cotton pads $2.10 ($1.79)
By wishtrend pure vitamin C 21.5% advanced serum $18.00 ($15.30)

By wishtrend polyphenols in propolis 15% ampoule $19.20 ($16.32)
By wishtrend clear skin shield patch $6.00 ($5.10)
By wishtrend acid-duo 2% mild gel cleanser $11.40 ($9.69)
By wishtrend quad active boosting essence $13.80 ($11.73)

By wishtrend natural vitamin 21.5 enhancing sheet mask $1.80 ($1.53)
By wishtrend sulfur 3% clean gel $12.60 ($10.71)
By wishtrend clear skin package $61.05 ($51.89)
By wishtrend vitamin 75 maximizing cream $16.80 ($14.28)

By wishtrend daily acid exfoliator set $22.55 ($19.17)
By wishtrend vitamin junkie package $48.40 ($41.14)
By wishtrend acid duo hibiscus 63 cream $13.20 ($11.22)
By wishtrend skin enhancer drop set $34.10 ($28.99)

In this list, I’ve tried three products:

By wishtrend quad active boosting essence, which I found to be less than stellar but only because my skin requires deep hydrating.  This product contains their Quad Active’ Ingredients: 3 Complex Ingredients (Morus Alba Bark Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract, Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract), Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, and Propolis to help with anit-inflammatory, anti-pollution and anti-bacterial effects.  Again, a product I find to work better for those with dry to oily skin types or if you live in a humid climate and need something not so heavy.

By wishtrend polyphenols in propolis 15% again, not bad but not amazing.  I was super excited for another propolis ampoule since the Cosrx propolis ampoule does absolutely wonders for me, but this is very lightweight compared to Cosrx’s.  Best for those with normal to oily skin type or if you prefer a lightweight propolis ampoule.

By wishtrend green tea & enzyme powder wash is a nice gentle powder enzyme wash that leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.  I’m actually surprised I haven’t written a review for this product yet.  It contains Papain Enzyme, Coconut-derived Surfactant and Baking Soda to remove dead skin cells, give you a brighter complexion and help with melting away blackheads.


Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
By wishtrend pure vitamin C 15% with ferulic acid $23.80 (Sold out)
By wishtrend organic hemp face mask $8.50
By wishtrend rose quartz beauty roller $20.70 (Sold out)
By wishtrend refreshing vitamin care set $24.75 ($21.04)

By wishtrend vitamin special kit $39.20 (Sold out)
By wishtrend vitamins maximizing set $31.90 ($27.12)
By wishtrend acid-duo set $24.20 ($20.57)

By wishtrend pure vitamin C 15% is one of the few vitamin C products out there that doesn’t burn my skin.  Too back it is either sold out already or they didn’t include this in the sale, but give it a try if you can get your hands on it later on.  I do have a weird problem with the product spilling out even when it is sitting on my table, flat and not on an angle.  Also, my bottle also somehow always loosens itself somehow. I don’t know if I have a skincare ghost or there is something wrong with the packaging.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Cosrx acne pimple master patch $3.00 ($2.55)
Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser $7.20 ($6.12)
Cosrx AC collection acne patch $4.20 ($3.57)
Cosrx advanced snail mucin 96 power essence $12.60 ($10.71)

Cosrx ultimate moisturizing honey overnight mask $10.80 ($9.18)
Cosrx AHA/BHA clarifying treatment toner $10.20 ($8.67)
Cosrx BHA blackhead power liquid $13.20 ($11.22)
Cosrx one step original clear pad $12.00 ($10.20)

Cosrx clear fit master patch $3.00 ($2.55)
Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead power liquid $11.40 ($9.69)
Cosrx shield fit green comfort sun SPF 50+ PA+++ $9.00 ($7.65)
 Cosrx Galactomyces 95 tone balancing essence $12.60 (10.71)

Cosrx centella water alcohol-free toner $10.20 ($8.67)
Cosrx advance snail 92 all in one cream $12.60 ($10.71)
Cosrx two in one poreless power liquid $13.20 ($11.22)
Cosrx AC collection calming foam cleanser $9.00 ($7.65) 

Okay, Cosrx is a brand I am very well versed in. Let’s get into the juicy stuff!

Cosrx acne pimple master patch is one of their OG best selling products of all time. This is a sticker type product which you are supposed to stick on your pimple when you have one and it helps with healing your pimple as well as extracting the sebum peeking out.  This helps keep bacteria out as well as not leaving your skin with acne scars. If you want a thinner version of the pimple patches, they also have the Cosrx clear fit master patch which is 3 times thinner than the original.

Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser is one of my holy grail cleansers that has never done me any wrong.  It contains tea tree oil to control oil and “shrink” pore size while BHA is there to refine skin texture and buff away dead skin.  Some people find it a little too drying for them, but surprisingly for me, it works just fine and my skin condition is always on point with this cleanser.

Cosrx advanced snail mucin 96 power essence has 96% snail mucin which helps with protecting skin from moisture loss, keeps skin texture smooth and healthy, and is anti-aging.  This is well-loved by all and also another bestseller from the brand.

Cosrx shield fit green comfort sun is an alright sunscreen.  I’ve tried a lot of Korean sunscreens and this one is not bad, but nothing spectacular.  It is a 100% physical sunscreen (aka. mineral sunscreen) and contains Centella Asiatica extract and nymphaea Alba flower extract to calm redness while protecting your skin with its soft matte finish.  It did recently get repackaged from the skinny tube to this fat chunk of a thing.

Cosrx Centella water alcohol-free toner is fabulous!  It is super hydrating and calming and just all-around fab.  I personally use it more as a face mist rather than a toner, but you can definitely use it both ways.

Cosrx advance snail 92 all in one cream was another product I wanted to love but it didn’t do much for my skin.  It is not as hydrating as their snail essence and comes in a light gel texture.  Again, I have super dry skin, so I’m not surprised this didn’t work for me.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Cosrx shield fit snail essence sun SPF50+ PA+++ $9.00 ($7.65)
Cosrx light fit real water toner to cream $11.40 ($9.69) Sold out
Cosrx Oil free ultra-moisturizing lotion $13.20 ($11.22) Sold out
Cosrx centella blemish cream $12.60 ($10.71)

Cosrx one step pimple clear kit & one step moisture up kit $3.00 ($2.55)
Cosrx AC collection ultimate spot cream $13.80 ($11.73)
Cosrx AC collection calming liquid intensive $15.60 ($13.26)
Cosrx AC collection calming liquid mild $15.60 ($13.26)

Cosrx one-step green hero calming pad $27.00 Sold out

Cosrx shield fit snail essence sun is their chemical sunscreen version of the two and contains snail secretion for a nourishing and hydrating effect. Of the two, I like the texture of this one better as it is thinner in texture, but I also did find both sunscreens to make me itch after 8 hours of wear.  I don’t know if it is just me, but that’s a no go.

Cosrx light fit real water toner to cream was just an odd product that did nothing for me.  It had that cool texture of a regular gel, but once you massage it into your skin, beads of water appear.  I don’t think I ever wrote a full review for this product because it was just so meh.

Cosrx oil free ultra-moisturizing lotion with birch sap is my HOLY FRINKIN GRAIL but also sold out -_-.  It is another gel moisturizer that caught me by surprise at how moisturizing it could be.  This is a mighty little thing and is a product I can say that is actually for all skin types.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
I’m from rice toner $16.80 ($14.28)
I’m from honey mask $22.80 ($19.38)
I’m from mugwort essence $24.00 ($20.40)
I’m from mugwort mask $21.00 ($17.85)

I’m from vitamin tree water gel $16.80 ($14.28)
I’m from honey serum $16.80 ($14.28)
I’m from skin detox package $80.30 ($68.26)
I’m from honey glow cream $19.20 ($16.32)

I’m from ginseng serum $17.40 ($14.79)
I’m from mugwort cream $19.20 ($16.32)
I’m from mugwort sheet mask $2.40 ($2.04)
I’m from ginseng eye cream $19.20 ($16.32)

I’m from rice glow set $30.80 ($26.18)
I’m from essence miniatures $4.80 ($4.08)
I’m from fig cleansing balm $18.00 ($15.30)
I’m from rice mask $16.80 ($14.28)

I’m from is definitely my most favorite brand of all the ones sold on Wishtrend. Here are my experiences with the ones I have tried!

I’m from rice toner is pretty hyped up in the community, all thanks to James Whelsh.  I was so excited to test this out since it promises to provide the whitening and nourishing effects that rice has.  Well, unfortunately for me, it didn’t do anything for my face from the watery texture and has since been demoted to a butt toner.  Yes, you heard me right, I use this on my butt because it actually does a good job as a light moisturizer and makes my bum bum soft and supple HAHA.  I personally much prefer Thank you farmer’s rice toner.

I’m from honey mask is FIREEEEEEE (if you have super dry skin like me that is).  It is crazy hydrating from just being a wash off mask and I immediately see the redness on my cheeks disappear after using this mask.  It smells just like the caramel sauce I used to have to make at work UGH.  If you like honey and you got very dry, chapped skin, you’ll love this.

I’m from honey serum is another good one from the honey line.  It provides a gorgeous glow to the skin and offers rich moisture, nutrition, improve elasticity with its 7 active ingredients of honey, black bee propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, turmeric, bee pollen, and cinnamon.

I’m from honey glow cream is another good one but I personally rate it as an average 3/5 stars.  It does the job, leaves a healthy and natural glow to the face but the scent is a bit overwhelming.

I’m from fig cleansing balm is a good one!  It removes my makeup easily, including waterproof liner and mascara, and doesn’t leave a weird film on my skin or irritate my eyes. 4/5 star rating 🙂

I’m from rice mask is pretty 50/50 in the community but I personally really love the deep hydration it offers.  I definitely only recommend this to dry to normal skin as it can be too heavy for most people.  I would rather do without the weird rice flakes in the formula, but other than that, amazing!  It does take a bit more time to rinse off, however, it leaves my skin with that beautiful rice nourishment I’m looking for.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
I’m from a ginseng duo set $36.30 ($30.86)
I’m from mugwort calming set $41.25 ($35.06)
I’m from fig boosting essence $21.00 ($17.85)
I’m from ginseng mask $22.20 ($18.87)

I’m from rejuvenating trio set $84.40 ($71.74)
I’m from mugwort spot gel $11.40 ($9.69)
I’m from mask miniatures $5.40 ($4.59)
I’m from ginseng trio set $53.35 ($45.35)

I’m from fig scrub mask $19.20 ($16.32)
I’m from wash off mask bundles $55.55 ($47.22)
I’m from rice serum $25.65 ($21.80)
I’m from rice cream $28.50 ($24.23)

I’m from fig boosting essence is my favorite out of the three fig products in the line. It contains 62.7% Fig extract which gives the skin a deep moisturizing finish, NMP peptides, and amino acids to form a moisture barrier for full hydration.  I’ve never had any fig products in my routine before, so this is a surprising find.  I’ve totally fallen in love with peptides and amino acids lately and I can seriously vouch that it does wonders for your hydration level and even plumps my skin up a bit.

I’m from fig scrub mask wasn’t too bad of a product, but I don’t use fine sugar masks much these days.  It was decently hydrating, however, I find it a bit messy to wash off and I’m just a lazy human being.

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Rovectin lotus water cream $12.00 ($10.20)
Rovectin LHA blemish ampoule $10.50 ($8.93)
Rovectin try me kit $15.00 ($12.75)
Rovectin conditioning cleanser $10.20 ($8.67)

Rovectin LHA blemish ampoule 50 mL $21.60 ($18.36)
Rovectin aqua soothing UV protector $17.40 ($14.79)
Rovectin activating treatment lotion $17.40 ($14.79)
Rovectin aqua enriched hydrating package $75.90 ($64.52)

Rovectin cica care purifying toner $14.40 ($12.24)
Rovectin Dr. mask cica $12.00 ($10.20)
Rovectin cica care balm $15.60 ($13.26)
Rovectin cica care package $57.20 ($48.62)

Rovectin cica care sleeping pack $20.40 ($17.34)

Rovectin is a newer brand that Wishtrend started to carry earlier this year.  The brand itself isn’t new and has been around for some time.  They are known to have started as a brand because the founder’s mother just finished her cancer treatments and they were trying to create products for her skin, which had been severely dry and the skin barrier deteriorated.  From what I’ve read, the brand is well-loved by Korean hospitals and dermatologists for its restorative and high-quality ingredients.

Roventin conditioning cleanser is a low pH cleanser that is supposedly hydrating.  I didn’t find it to strip my skin nor did it hydrate my skin but it did the job and has a light coconut scent from the natural coconut oil derivatives.  If you are looking for a mild cleanser that can work for all skin types, this is it.

Rovectin aqua soothing UV protector is kind of an odd sunscreen to me.  It is said to be hydrating, but I find it to have an odd matte-like finish and doesn’t layer with skincare well. On top of my skincare, it just almost slips off and doesn’t massage into the skin. Not my most favorite sunscreen but could work if your skin is sensitive.

Rovectin activating treatment lotion I do likey!  It is a toner and essence in one and has a gel-like texture that isn’t watery at all.  It is said to create an anti-aging barrier repair complex to deeply moisturize the skin.  There are 6 types of hyaluronic acid along with niacinamide, caffeine, Centella, soybean sprout extract and panthenol to name some of the amazing ingredients in this product.  I approve!

Rovectin cica care purifying toner is the second toner I like from the brand.  This toner is supposed to help heal and protect damaged sensitive skin with its patented Barrier repair complex.  It contains plant-based antioxidant Madecassoside to revitalize the skin and reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots.  There is also Houttuynia Cortada and Centella for anti-inflammatory and strengthening the skin.  Compared to the activating treatment lotion, this is a true toner that is watery and absorbs into the skin quickly.  The ingredients are quite impressive with Panthenol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (green tea extract), Pyrus Malus leaf extract, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Jasmine Flower Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract, Ceramide NP all up in the mix.

Rovection cica care balm is kind of like sunscreen.  I want to love it, but the odd texture is putting me off.  When I read “balm”, I’m expecting something super heavy and thick (which I like for my dry skin) or something like the Dr. Belmeur cica recovery cream which has a gorgeous in between balm and thick moisturizer texture.  I didn’t see much hydration with this “balm” and felt dry the next morning.  Not a fan.

Rovectin cica care sleeping pack is the stellar product in the cica line for SURE.  The formula is said to contain Centella, enzymes, ceramides, panthenol to reinforce the damaged skin barrier and make your skin feel smoother and softer.  Just the first night alone, I already knew this would be a forever favorite!  It has a gel-like texture but thicker than most gels and massages into the skin beautifully.  I wake up to gorgeously hydrated skin with less redness than the night before and it definitely beats Laneige sleeping pack any day!  Approved <3

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Skin&lab Dr. pore tightening: Glacial clay facial mask $10.80 ($9.18)
Skin&lab C plus brightening $11.40 ($9.69)
Skin&lab E plus moisturizing $12.00 ($10.20)
Skin&lab Dr. color effect: red serum $24.00 ($20.40)

Skin&lab barrierderm repair ampoule $19.20 ($16.32)
Skin&lab A plus lifting $11.40 ($9.69)
Skin&lab Dr. vita clinic: gently vita exfoliator $9.60 ($8.16) Sold out
Skin&lab Dr. color effect: red cream $24.00 ($20.40)

Skin&lab Fre C sun lotion $12.00 ($10.20) Sold out
Skin&lab barrierderm intensive cream $13.80 ($11.73)
Skin&lab B plus calming $10.80 ($9.18) 
Skin&lab K plus red-X $10.80 ($9.18)

Skin&lab barrierderm relief balm 416.80 ($14.28)

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried anything from Skin&Labs so I can’t give any guidance or recommendations here.  So sorry :'(

If you don’t feel like reading through the whole article, here are all the products I personally approve and recommend :).

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
Klairs soft airy UV essence SPF 50 PA +++ $16.10 ($13.95)
Klairs Supple preparation facial toner $15.40 ($13.09)
Klairs fundamental water gel cream $21.70 ($18.45)
Klairs gentle black fresh cleansing oil $16.80 ($14.28)
By wishtrend green tea & enzyme powder wash $15.40 ($13.09)
I’m from honey mask $22.80 ($19.38)
I’m from honey serum $16.80 ($14.28)

Sale price  vs (15% off price with CHRISTINA15 code)
I’m from rice mask $16.80 ($14.28)

I’m from fig cleansing balm $18.00 ($15.30)
I’m from fig boosting essence $21.00 ($17.85)
Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser $7.20 ($6.12)
Cosrx advanced snail mucin 96 power essence $12.60 ($10.71)
Rovectin activating treatment lotion $17.40 ($14.79)
Rovectin cica care purifying toner $14.40 ($12.24)
Rovectin cica care sleeping pack $20.40 ($17.34)


And that concludes my very comprehensive guide to Wishtrend’s sale.  If you found this helpful, please comment down below!  Again, please use my links in this post to help support the blog.  It costs you nothing and gives me a small percentage of your purchase.  Using just my code does not count towards my commission unfortunately, it has to be with a tracked link!

Happy shopping everyone and happy holidays!

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