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Beauty people absolute radiant girl cushion foundation reviewUhh yea, BB cushion review time HAHA.  You guys all know BB cushions are my absolute weakness like Kryptonite is to Superman.  I mean heck, I have 44 cushions and counting.  Someone help me!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) On a second thought, let me be to enjoy my one hobby that I have. LOL well that’s depressing.  Anyways, I was window shopping couple weeks back and was looking for some interesting K-beauty products to buy that also had to have some sort of discount, sale or gift with purchase.  Since this BB cushion was just released, Beauty people had a exclusive deal that caught my eye.  14,500 won with a free refill too!!  I was about to buy both versions but had to knock some sense in myself and just picked up the one that would actually work with my skin.  Since a lot of you guys are really interested in this BB cushion, I hurried up to do a full review for you guys so those of you who voted on my Instagram, here ya go. Let’s get started!!

Beauty people BB cushionFull name of product:
Beauty people absolute radiant girl cushion foundation

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Meet “absolute radiant girl cushion foundation” and glow brighter then ever.  Lilium tigrinum extract, rose extract, mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf extract will softly blur imperfections for an even skintone.  This 3-in-1 foundation will leave the skin highly moisturizing while weightlessly bring out out the ultimate sheer in your skin.”

This BB cushion is built for all skin type with a slight dewy finish but also has a strong adherence to the skin, moistures and also brightens all in one.  It includes UV protection along with a triple function which has sunblock, whitening and anti wrinkle effects.  Formulated with spherical powders, this BB cushion perfectly covers blemishes, bumps and also colour corrects.


SPF 50+/ PA+++

26,000 won

Amount of product:
18 g

Refill included?:

Duration before expiration:
3 years

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:beauty-people-bb-cushionThis radiant version of the cushion has only two shades unfortunately.  There is #21 natural beige which is slightly lighter then #23 natural sand and has a yellow undertone whereas #23 has a pink undertone.

Versions available:
For those of you who don’t like a satin dewy finish, there is also a matte version offered which comes in a gorgeous black and gold compact and another design on the compact.  I personally love the black compact more but the formulation definitely would not work with my dry skin type.

Beauty people cushion review
I hope you guys can see the list. If not, click on the image and it should bring you to a separate window and you can zoom in as well.

How to use:
After you have finished up with your regular skincare routine and primer if you wish to use, apply this cushion foundation by simply taking the air puff provided and dabbing it into the sponge.  Once you got enough product onto the sponge, pat the product onto your face until you get the desired look.

Beauty people cushion reviewProduct packaging:
Of course, the packaging is always the first thing that we see since most of us do shop over the internet for our K-beauty fix am I right?  It’s pretty much K-beauty tinder, swipe left for no and swipe right for yes (did I get that right? LOL I don’t use tinder).  Beauty people is a brand that is in the mid range price tag so this BB cushion full price ain’t cheap compared to a lot of roadshop brands ranging from 5,000 won-20,000 won at most.  Also refills are not included so that is also taken into consideration.  This BB cushion caught my eye since it was just released about three weeks ago and the packaging is absolutely GORGEOUS!  There is two versions and depending on if you want the matte version which is the black one or the moist version which is this one, you get two completely different graphic designs as well.

Beauty people cushion I’m actually really impressed with the box since it is actually 80% in English!!  The ingredients list was also in full English and there doesn’t seem to be broken English too.

Beauty people cushion reviewThe compact itself is in the basic BB cushion compact where you press the front button to release the lid.  The height of the compact is slightly bulky then the usual ones like Etude House’s or A’pieu’s.

beauty people cushion packagingFrom the side view, you can see that the graphic design part bulges out since it has that pop up stickers I always thought were the luxe stickers I used to get when I was a kid at the dollar store.  The rest of the compact is coated in a gorgeous rose gold colour.  Take note Apple, THIS IS ROSE GOLD not that pink shit you release and call it rose gold.  Still annoyed when I saw it because it just makes me think their team is colour blind.

One major thing I do have to note about the compact is the lid not being secure.  I’m not sure if it is just mine or all of them, but I can easily pop open the lid even though it is snapped shut.  And I did make sure everything was secure and shut nicely inside but nothing seems to help.

beauty people cushion The air puff that it comes with is white on the back side and beige on the applicator side.  I usually prefer the dark blue kind since it doesn’t look as dirty as the beige ones but meh, I’ll still use it.  Texture wise, the air puff is the same as any other air puffs I get in BB cushions.

Beauty people cushion Opening up the compact, there is always a seal on the sponge itself to keep things sanitary.  By the way, there is also a nice sized mirror in the compact but I didn’t want to rip off the protector since it would cause glare in my camera when I take pictures.

beauty people cushion Colour/ pigmentation:
This BB cushion comes in two shades like usual, shade #21 natural beige and #23 natural sand.  #21 has a yellow undertone and is lighter while #23 is a darker colour with slight pink undertones.  I bought #23 since that usually looks the most natural on my Mac NC25 skintone but since I have yellow undertones, the pink undertone in shade #23 looks subtly off.

beauty people cushion On my skin, this shade is alright and when it settles into my skin, it looks natural and doesn’t make me look like a pale ghost which I am really enjoying.

Texture/ Finish:
Formulation wise, I was expecting this BB cushions to just be another dewy finished cushion foundation but to my surprise, it isn’t!  Another BB cushion this one reminds me of is the jelly cushion which I reviewed not too long ago, in a sense that they both have a satin finish.  This one from Beauty people is very similar in finish to J.ones but this one has a slightly more moisturizing effect and a more subtle glow too.  The formulation adheres to the skin extremely well, it might be one of the best adherence formulations that I have tried so far from all the BB cushions I have tried.  Most of the time, better adherence means it is usually a more dry formula and just looks sad on my already dry skin.  This one somehow manages to be super moisturizing but sticking to my skin without sticking to any dry patches.  It’s kind of 24K magic (Yes.. Bruno mars fan here).

With one layer, it already covers all the target concerns I have which is slight redness around the cheeks and nose and just give me an even skintone without looking too made up.

Lasting power:
When you first apply this cushion onto the skin, it leaves a nice satin finish with a visible healthy looking shine.  Since I have dry skin and I’m usually indoors with the heaters on, the cushion settles a little but and turns to a true satin finish but it still manages to keep my skin moisturized.  My usual wear time is about 8-10 hours and within that time, my skin looked great and nothing really budged.  That’s frinkin’ amazing considering I don’t usually like to set it with any type of powder.

There isn’t much of a scent to it but a very faint soapy smell.  It isn’t strong and the fragrance is gone after application.  Smell-o-scale: 3/10 in terms of the strength of the scent.

beauty people cushion With all that being said, let’s get to the demo!  Also do let me know how you guys like the collage style.  I thought many I can somehow compress it so you guys won’t be scrolling for ages. 

beauty people cushion beforeHere is my bare skin with nothing on it at all.  I also didn’t use any skincare or primer so we can test it to the fullest.  My usual skin concerns is to cover up the redness around the cheeks and nose, dryness, dry patches and my dark circles although I don’t use my base make up to cover my under eye circles.

beauty people cushion I also have been testing this cushion out without spritzing any water onto the air puff.  I have found that before when I do do that, it effects the adhesiveness of the formulation so to test it out in it’s true form, no water it is!

beauty people afterLeft side: close up of before
Top right: Before
Bottom right: After with just one coat.

Beauty people cushion reviewCloser up of after.  I absolutely love the finish!! No dry patches here and it also glides over my pores on my nose.  YASSSS

Beauty peopleBoth sides are done, you can definitely see my skintone is a lot more even, the redness is covered and my skin just looks like skin.  I likey!

Beauty people cushion reviewCloser look~

beauty people cushoin reviewNow with full face of make up (contour, blush, highlight, brows, eye make up and lipstick).

beauty people cushionIf you look closely, you can see the subtle glow.  No that isn’t all highlighter, it is half highlighter half cushion foundation.

beauty-people-final beauty-people-final-2

-adheres to the skin perfectly
-long lasting
-medium coverage, buildable to a light full coverage
-moisturizing for even dry skin
-truly for all skin types


Most definitely!  I’m already looking into maybe getting the refill and their liquid foundation!!!!!

Stars given out of 5:


Overall thoughts:
I’m super pleasantly surprised but very pleased to tell you guys I have found another holy grail BB cushion!!  If you guys like the jelly cushion, you’ll definitely loveeeee this one from Beauty people.  Formulation is amazing, adherence is impeccable, finish is flawless, everything about this cushion is just right! The colour matches my Mac NC25 skintone well, I’d say about 95%.  Overall I’m super impressed with this cushion and am already looking into getting more of Beauty people’s base make up products.  If their cushion is this good, their foundation must be amazing too!

P.S. Those of you who do want to get their hands on this cushion and don’t want to pay the full 26,000 won price, here is the link of where I bought it.  Do keep in mind you do have to use a buying service to get it but even then, it is still worth it since there is the deal for 14,800 won + free refill. If you guys don’t know what a buying service is, please check out my “guide to buying K-beauty online” or even check out my latest Boyahshop haul which I explain what a buying service is and the ones I personally recommend.

So what do you guys think about this cushion?  Are you already on your way to get it?  Do you already have it and what are your experiences (please also mention what version you got and what skin type you have).

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  1. Michelle

    What a fabulous article! I love your writing style (and I totally agree with the whole Apple rose gold situation!). I look forward to more of your posts!

    1. Christina

      Aww thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed it :). LOL apple… so silly.

  2. Tha

    so pretty!
    I tempted to get it as you say you’re please about it and the formula is amazing ㅠㅠ
    does #21 has yellow undertone? I have yellow undertone skin but darker than #21.

    1. Christina

      If you are darker then #21 but have yellow undertone, #23 (which is the one I got) would work just fine. Just make sure to bring it down your neck and you’ll be fine

  3. Lina

    What a great post! I’ve been tempted to buy the Absolute Lofty Girl Cushion because the packaging is so fantastic, but it’s great to see that the product itself is quality! Beauty People has been advertising that when you use your phone, the foundation is less likely to stick to the screen. I was wondering if you found that the transfer was less than other products?

    1. Christina

      Packaging is definitely temptation for use haha but yea, the cushion itself is also great quality which I’m surprised with myself :P. I haven’t tested the phone thing but I will report back when I do :D. Theoretically wise, this would transfer less since it is a satin finish rather then the dewy finishes I usually wear. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t transfer at all though.

  4. beau

    Great review, thanks for the ingredients and stating your skin type, all so very helpful. your skin looks great!

    1. Christina

      Glad you found the review helpful and thank you for the sweet compliment~

  5. YX

    I enjoy reading your reviews! This post makes me want to try out this cushion. I have combination skin, fair skin with yellow undertone. Will natural beige or sand work better for me? Thanks.

    1. Christina

      I’m not too sure how dark you are but I’d say natural sand would sound like a good fit from your description.

  6. Amy

    Hi Christina. Thank you for your review it is so informative! I am so glad that i’ve stumbled upon your page! I am on a quest to find a good cushion for my severely dry skin. What other bb cushion/cream that you’d recommend that’s super moisturizing? I only need medium coverage since i only have dark eye bags. Thank you in advance for your help!!?

    1. Christina

      Hmm if you want something with medium to high coverage, I can’t think of many. I’m trying out the Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intense which has a nice medium to high coverage and it doesn’t seem to cling to my dry skin even after 8+ hours of wear. I will be reviewing it soon so you can look out for that review. The Clio conceal-dation foundation is pretty good, medium- high coverage and relatively moisturizing (depending on how you prep your skin). Etude House double wear foundation is also a good option as well.

  7. quenet

    I’ve been looking for a review on youtube about this intriguing bb cushion cause i saw this in an online shopping and was amazed with the packaging. Unfortunately all videos about beauty people absolute radiant are all in thai versions and languages that i can’t understand. Glad to have searched your blog about this. Will definitely be confident to purchase one! Thanks ????

    1. Christina

      🙂 hello and welcome

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