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img_6683Uhhh… So I wanted to just pick up five things and this happened.  I don’t know what to say.  There was just too many releases, too many good deals and I just couldn’t help myself. It also doesn’t help with the fact that when I’m researching for “what’s new in K-beauty” series, I see all these new shiny products and want them all.  Of course, majority of the haul consists of BB cushions HAHA.  Like always, I bought my products through Boyahshop (buying service) to get all those gift with purchase, deals and sales. If you guys don’t know what a buying service is, I will get more into detail in the post and show you guys how to use it.  So let’s get started!!  Unboxing timeeee~~

What is a buying service:
I always forget not everyone knows what is a buying service, especially though that just start in the whole K-beauty and online shopping thing.  A buying service is when you find products you can’t get outside of Korea (or anywhere in the world) so you pay someone or a company a certain amount of commission to help you get a hold of those products, repackage it and send it to where you live.  I personally solely use Boyahshop since I had great experiences with her when she first started out her company.  I have used her site five times already within the past year and a half and am a loyal customer.

How much do you pay in terms of commision and shipping?
Most, if not all, companies have a 10% commission fee.  Some companies have a $5 minimum charge per order and it will go up from there after $50.  Think riding a taxi, minimum charge is $5 when you get in the car and when you pass that mileage, the charge will go up according to how much you purchase.  As for shipping cost, the shipping is based on how heavy your parcel is in total and where it is shipping to.  If you want more information on that, check Korea post’s rates and fees.

What buying services are out there?
Here are the buying services that I know of that I’d recommend:
Boyahshop (most recommended)


The only ones that I have tried is Boyahshop (of course) which I have used four times now and Avecko which I’ve used once.  I still prefer Boyah since she responses to me quite fast (not nowadays since she is swapped with orders and is only a one person team).  Then there is Avecko which is alright, nothing wrong with them but they take about four to five days to reply, which is a problem for me since I like to catch those three to four day flash sales.  If you guys want to check out my past hauls and experiences with these companies, click on the links below.

Boyahshop haul + How to use
Boyahshop haul #2
Avecko haul + How to use
Shopandbox (highly NOT RECOMMENDED…absolute nightmare)

Why use a buying service?
I’m pretty sure your also wondering why on earth anyone would be willing to pay extra to get products you can get at other online stores that sell the same thing.  Well, Korea always has some type of sale, value sets, gift with purchase which you can’t get anywhere else.  So if you are smart and you look around, you can always find deals on either the official sites of the brands or even places like interpark.com or gmarket.  Another reason is that you can find whatever you want, brands like A’pieu, recipe cosmetics, Y.E.T, Yadah, all these brands that not a lot of places sell which means you can get your hands on it too.

If you want more information on how and where to buy K-beauty online, check out my guideline which shows you what sites to buy from, where to get the best deals and what not.

With all that being said, I hope that helped you guys out a bit and let’s get into the unboxing!  This actually isn’t the whole haul I did LOL.  I had to separate the order into three parts since one of the most exciting item I bought can’t be shipped by air so it will have to get to me by surface mail which takes 50-70 days.  It’s gonna be a long wait but it will get here, I hope HAHA.  I also got another box of stuff waiting for me but I’m waiting for Holika Holika x Gudetama part three collection so I’m leaving that in Korea for now until I can get my hands on those.

img_6686Kakao friends Ryan hoodie deco stickers 5,000 won
Kakao friends movie sticker pack 3,5000 won

Yes, I am fully aware that these are not beauty products.  But can you really blame me!  Ryan in HOODIE IS SO CUTE. I actually bought these so I could decorate my busted looking laptop case.  It has this weird frosted finish which attracts all types of greasy and looks all splotchy so I’m going to cuteify it hehe.

img_6687For $5, they actually give you a lot of stickers.  I have checked out line friends stickers but their merchandise is so damn expensive for no reason.  I’m starting to like kakao friends more since they have more characters and they all are derpy like me hehe.

img_6688This movie based deco pack is super cute as well.  They actually don’t have that many sticker packs to choose from so these two are the best ones out of all of them.  Which sticker is your favourite haha.

img_6690It’s skin Macaron sugar cushion 17,800 won 

It’s skin recently came out with a whole collection collaborating with Sesame street and I surprisingly find the packaging super cute even though i don’t really care for Sesame street.  I honestly wasn’t going to get anything but then I saw the gift with purchase, Elmo or Cookie monster headbands which were randomly choose.  Also if you bought any of the macaron products (BB cushion or lip balm), you also get a cute little pouch which also comes in either Elmo or Cookie monster.  I lucked out and couldn’t get anything Cookie monster but oh well haha.  I will live.

img_6691Close up of what the macaron BB cushion looks like  If only the case was mint green, then I’d love it hehe.  Not the biggest fan of pink…

img_6693The side of the cushion really kind of looks like a macaron hehe. It’s like a giant version of the macaron lip balm!

img_6707It’s skin x Sesame street hand mask 2,5000 won
I forgot to take a picture of the hand mask I bought and left it all together with the samples.  Oh gee..  It’s nothing special, just cookie monster on the front package which looks just like sheet mask packaging.  I only bought it to hit the $20 to get my free gift hehe.

img_6694Beauty people absolute radiant girl cushion foundation 26,000 won (on sale for 14,800 won)
Beauty people isn’t a brand that seems to be talked about much on the internet.  I was only introduced by the brand from an old Memebox when the featured the eyeliner set in the box.  I was just strolling around on the internet when I saw that they came out with their own cushion foundation.  Now if you shop online a lot and have been exposed to K-beauty for a while, not much excite you after a while.  To me, packaging is everything since it is the only thing you get to see on your computer screen.  When I saw this BB cushion and also that they had a sale, I knew I had to pick it up for myself.  There is two versions to this BB cushion, a radiant one and also a matte one with a completely different design.  Both are gorgeous but I wish I could have gotten the black one but it wouldn’t work with my dry skin.

img_6696The rose gold one is still not bad and the design is gorgeous as well.  Stay tuned for my review on this which will be the post after this one :).  I know a lot of you guys are curious to see how this cushion preforms.

img_6698A’pieu one-shot clean lip & eye remover 5,000 won (on sale for 2,000 won)
A’pieu pure milk lip & eye remover 5,000 won (on sale for 2,000 won)
A’pieu air puff toothbrush 3,150 won 
A’pieu moist creamy concealer  in #2 & #3 6,500 won (on sale for 5,850 won)
A’pieu Pure block water bling sun balm 9,000 won (on sale for) 7,200 won

I’ve been on the hunt for some make up removers from the K-beauty realm. I recently tried Skinfood’s milk shake point remover which I loved but I also saw these two in the outlet zone, on sale for $2 each so i said meh, why not!

A’pieu is a brand that I always seem to pick up something from.  I wasn’t really going to get anything but there was a 4 day flash sale, so I said why not.  Their moist creamy concealers have been raved about many times so I thought I’d give them a try.  I ended up buying two shades but they honestly look super similar so that is kind of a waste.

Not sure if this is a stupid purchase or not but I saw this really unique tool from A’pieu which is pretty much the air puffs you get in your BB cushions but on a stick LOL.  Yes I know, it looks stupid but I still want to try it out.  For $3, I can afford to be stupid okay?!?!

The last thing I picked up from A’pieu is their Pure black water bling sun balm which I actually wanted way back when they came out with the Crayon shinchan collection but that one was sold out everywhere.  So now I”m stuck with this ugly, regular looking packaging.  This is pretty much a balm sunscreen which goes on the skin clear but instead of the traditional cream sunscreen which you slather onto your face, you use the air puff and press it into the skin.

img_6700Etude House glow on oil volume base 16,000 won
Carezone BB cushion 18,200 won
Missha tension cushion in Intense moisture 17,800 won
Missha layer blurring primer in tone control 6,800 won (free gift with purchase with cushion)

Etude House recently came out with a really interesting product called “glow on” oil volume primer.  If you didn’t see it in the second volume of “what’s new in K-beauty”, they actually have two versions to this base, a oil volume one and a hydra one.  I don’t really know what the difference between the two is since I only got one of them but what caught my interest was it’s similarity to Guerlain’s primers which looks exactly the same thing.

A video posted by Christina (@christinahello) on

It’s super pretty!  There are little gold beads of shimmers but on the skin, it isn’t that shimmer!  It is super moisturizing and seems to work quite nice as a hydrating primer.

And of course, I bought some cushions hehe.  Carezone actually has their own cushion now which I think they just released not too long ago.  Not too sure where else you can find it but you can get it at Olive Young.  I also picked up Missha’s new tension cushion because… well it’s a cushion LOL.  It also came with a free primer of my choice which was a nice addition.
img_6701The face shop dual veil concealer in V107 (Apeach) and N109 (Muzi) 11,000 won (on sale for 7,700 won)

I’ve been hearing way too many good things about these concealers so I had to pick them up when there was a 30% of sale.  I think I’ve been concealer crazy since I already picked up the ones from A’pieu, these ones and also couple more down below LOL.  The Apeach one has a little bit more of a pink undertone and also lighter then my skintone which I plan to use it to cancel out my undereye circles.  Muzi (the one on the right) is just my regular skintone shade so I’m going to use that one to conceal my blemishes.  There is two sides to the concealer, one side that is liquid and the other side is a cream concealer.

img_6702Eglips Saranghae-zoo Chuseok special set 19,800 won

Yes, this is not a mistake.  I got all of these items for $20 with all the extra goodies like the bag, mirror, extra air puff, lipstick and the highlighting BB cushion as well.  I’ve actually been itching to try this brand for a while, especially this line with the cute packaging but didn’t end up with it until now.img_6704Left to right clockwise:
-Eglips saranghae zoo Dual concealer 13,000 won
-Eglips saranghae zoo cushion highlighter 13,000 won
-Eglips saranghae zoo primer 9,000 won
-Eglips saranghae zoo concealer 8,000 won
-Eglips saranghae zoo 15,000 won

If I were to get everything separately, it would have costed me $58 which I’d be quite pissed about since the products are actually super tiny!!!  This line is kind of like kids make up to be honest.  The primer and concealer is so small, I’m pretty sure I can finish everything in two weeks.  The foundation is an okay size which I can live with, along with the duo cream concealer and the cushion highlighter.  I’d never pay full price for these products so I recommend those who are interested in getting these, get it from this site since it seems to be always on discount.

img_6706This lipstick wasn’t included in the set but I guess it was a gift with purchase?  It’s a nice berry red which I’ll be enjoying through this fall season :).

So that is all for this haul.  I still got two parts coming and there was an update from Holika Holika which says Gudetama part 3 will be coming out on October 21!!!  I can’t wait hehe.  I don’t even mind getting the same cushion because the design of the compact is gorgeous and the cushion itself is actually quite nice as well.

What have you guys been purchasing lately?  Anything interesting you’d like to share?  If you guys want to see a review on anything I bought, make sure to comment down below and let me know~

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  1. Kelly

    I recently placed an order with boyahshop after you’re recommendation! After you pay the initial amount for the products about how long does it take for them to receive the products and for you to get them? I’m so excited! I recently ordered the new gudetama launches 🙂

    1. Christina

      It usually takes around 2 weeks but sometimes I get lucky haha. As far as I know, she is on a personal break at the moment so replies might take a while.

      1. Kelly

        wow that’s still pretty fast! thanks for the quick reply too 🙂 i really love your blog!

        1. Christina

          The longest I have waited for was nearly a month but I honestly don’t mind waiting. Glad your enjoying your stay ☺️

  2. Danitza

    Hello! I loved the eglips saranghae zoo set but i dont speak korean so i cant place my order T_T is there antes other website where i can get this???

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately you can’t get this set anymore since it was just for Chusoek. If you do want to order Korean products straight from Korea, just use google chrome and set it that it will translate the whole website for you automatically.

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