Eye tint shadows trend report (Superface flash eye tint review + swatch)

Superface flash eye tint reviewCouple years ago, K-beauty decided to branch their tinting trend into the eye realm.  That was so mind blowing to me since I was just used to lip tints.  I didn’t actually jump onto the trend when Clio came out with their eye tints because I was just so skeptical.  Two years later, we are finally here LOL.  Yes, I’m super late when it comes to bandwagons, but I’m one of those anti sheep type of gal :P.   Let’s see how the eye tint from Superface preforms shall we?

Full name of product:
Superface flash eye tint

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
The lightweight velvety creamy texture with the water based pigments expertly glides smoothly and evenly customizing the natural glam look.
 Allows long, all day wearing with fine sparkling pigment to blend effortlessly without creasing and fading.

Helps to apply evenly and adheres to eyes without flying.
Helps to apply densely and evenly, making long lasting effect.
Fine pearl and elegant particles make natural and elegant eye makeup.

16,000 won

Amount of product:
5 mL

Duration before expiration:
1 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Offline stores in Korean and internationally 

Shades available:
How to use:
Use the applicator put it on the eyelid and a spread it with your finger or sponge

Eye tint eyeshadowProduct packaging:
Like all of Superface’s products, packaging is top notch.  Even though this is just a plastic tube, it is super high quality and attention to detail is definitely there.  In the hand, the plastic feels very sturdy and there is the little director chair logo on top of the cap.  All of the tubes are clear so you can easily see which shade you have if you are storing it in your vanity.

eye cream tintApplicator wise, it comes in a doe foot applicator with a slightly more pointy tip for precision.  The applicator might raise a few people’s hygienic flag, but I don’t really mind since I’m the only one using it anyways.

Superface flash eye tint reviewColour/ pigmentation:
Although there were four shades, I only picked 01 Don’t cry since it is the only shade I would actually wear on a daily basis. On the back of my hand, 01 Don’t cry is a gorgeous beige champagne color that would go well with a lot of different types of looks.  One swipe, you get a decent color payoff, but blended out, there isn’t much color.

Eye tint eyeshadowTexture/ Finish:
Texture of this eye tint it a mix between a cream and kind of like a lightweight oil.  It isn’t oily per se, but it blends out into such a lightweight effect that it kind of reminds me of an oil with fine shimmers.  I personally don’t actually like this on my eye because I tried it without any primer or powder on top and it creased like crazy.  I actually think this product would make a beautiful highlighter for the face if they got rid of the slightly bigger green shimmers.  But I know some of you guys like your highlight intense, so you might actually like this.

Lasting power:
When I tried this on, I didn’t use any primer and didn’t top it off with any eyeshadows and it creased like a mofo!!!!!  Keep in mind, I don’t have oily lids at all.  In fact, even my eye lids are dry!  So I was really surprised to see that it creased like crazy within 1 hour of wear.  So much for tinting, but I’m kind of glad it doesn’t actually tint.  I’m kind of glad it doesn’t legit tint your eyelids because.. well imagine purple lids for daysssss.

The product doesn’t have any fragrance added into it but it kind of smells like the markers I used to use in elementary school.  It isn’t anything offensive or anything and the scent definitely doesn’t linger after application.  Smell-o-scale: 3/10 in terms of how strong the scent is.

Aight, let’s try this on for you. LOL.. you guys are going to be like wtf.  I see nothing.

Okay I promise I have a video coming out when I got all my reviews out for this brand.  I’m holding off on the video since I want these posts to be a swatch reference for you guys.  But in the video, you’ll be able to see how badly it was creasing.  I should have thought of using it on my face in the video.  BLAH… i’m a mess. 

-fine shimmers
-natural looking

-creases like crazy
-not enough color payoff


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Although I don’t think this product works well as a eye tint, this could work as a face highlighter.  I’m slightly disappointed that it didn’t work that great on the eyes, but I kind of expected that.  I mean did I really want to believe there is such thing as eye tints?  At the same time, I’m kind of not ready to give up on the eye tint trend and want to explore some more.  I know some western companies also have their versions of “eye tints”, so I might have to report back to you guys on that in the future.  For now, it is a slight fail.

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