Missha Color filter shadow palette Review + swatches

Missha color filter shadow palette reviewMissha came out with these amazing looking palettes back in fall of 2017 and I did order them on Jolse but they unfortunately sold out by the time I went to check out.  So I was super excited to see them again when I was shopping around with my store credits this time around and saw that they had new shades for the summer.  The past reviews I saw in the Korean blogger videos and blog posts had mixed reviews on the palettes for fall.  They stated that it wasn’t that pigmented and didn’t blend out that well.  Even though those statements were thrown out there, I still wanted to try it for myself especially with these beautiful new shades they came out with.  So let’s jump into it and see if these are worth the money!

Full name of product:
Missha color filter shadow palette

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Limited edition

Description of product:
Harmony of eye, cheek and shading colors
-Smoothly spreading matte, moist shimmer, and brilliant glitter
-Long-lasting high chromo pigments lightly adhere.”

26,800 won

Amount of product:
14.5 g

Duration before expiration:
Not stated

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:


Missha shadow palette Packaging:
I really like the simple packaging with the magnetic closure.  For the summer edition, the plastic case is in a pretty orange and has “sunshine” on the lid to differentiate which edition is what.  Inside is a nice sized mirror which is great for travelling.  There isn’t any sponge applicators, something I don’t care for anyways so it doesn’t really matter to me.  One thing I don’t care for is the fact that the names of each shade is only indicated by the plastic cover and not on the label on the back of the packaging which is annoying.  If you lose the plastic cover, you lose the shade names (that is if that means anything to you).

On the box in the back, there is a little guideline as to how you can use the palette.  There are two shades that are double the size of the rest which you can use on both your cheeks and your eyes.  Missha eyeshadow palette reviewMissha color filter shadow palette in #3 sunshine filter

Color/ Pigmentation + texture/ finish:
Now there is a lot of textures in this palette so I’ll go through it one by one.  I like that there is a good mix of mattes (Sunday afternoon, sand castle, orange spice) along with shimmer shades amber glow,  sunny land, dark roasted, golden dust), duo chrome (baked apricot) and a glittery shade (sunlit beach).  One thing I do have to critique is that I wish there was a darker brown since the darkest brown is only dark roasted.  I’d love to have a matte dark brown to define everything just a little bit more.

Missha color filter shadow palette review Amber glow: Cool light bronze sand shade (satin finish)
This shade is kind of weak without a primer but it is a gorgeous subtle light bronze shade that I can easily use by itself on the lid for a nice light splash of color.  Sometimes this shade gets a little lost when I use it with the rest of the palette because it is such an understated shade.  This isn’t the most buttery texture but it is workable.

Baked Apricot: Cool duo chrome peach shade with the flex of gold and green shimmers (duo chrome)
Baked apricot really reminds me of Nar’s orgasm blush and I kind of wish they had this shade in a larger pan.  Again, this shade performs a lot better with a primer.

Sunlight beach: Glittery cool bronze champagne shade (glittery finish)
Going to a party at night? I’d layer this right on top of your day look and BAM!  You are party-ready.  This shade is really chunky in glitters but looks so gorgeous on the skin.  It can perform without primer just fine but the glitter particles show a lot more with a primer.  Heck I’d even foil this to make it even more intense!

Dazzling bronze: Cool bronze shade with a slight copper undertone with dense bronze and gold shimmers (shimmery finish)
Now this shade is one of those stunners.  It performs amazing with or without primer and is so pigmented that with one swipe, I can draw a line from my wrist to my elbow.

Sunday afternoon: Cool light peach shade (matte finish)
Most of the time, matte shades even in Western beauty is a formula that is really hard to perfect.  I think Missha actually did a great job with this palette.  The matte shades are buttery and smooth, doesn’t look chalky or powdery on the skin and actually makes the skin look silky.  I was so blown away with the two matte shades!!  Sunday afternoon is a great light peach and gives just enough color on the lid without getting lost in translation.

Golden dust: Cream white shade with golden shimmers (shimmery finish)
Golden dust is a little too stark white for the palette to be honest.  I haven’t touched this shade much but if I really were to try and incorporate this shade in a look, I’d use this as a highlight on the tear duct or try to accentuate the center of my lids with this shade.  Its not pigmented enough to do much and also not shimmery enough to be shimmery.  This shade is that odd child that is just there but isn’t memorable and you’d most likely forget it is even there.

Sunny land: Bright cool orange popsicle shade with fine golden shimmers (shimmery/ satin finish)
Sunny land is the most gorgeous pop of color and the shade that just makes this palette special.  I haven’t had an orange shade like this in my collection ever and it has to be the most beautiful orange I own to date.  The texture is just right, super pigmented with or without primer.  Its just gorgeous and perfect for summer.

Sand Castle:  Light beige brown (matte finish)
This is the second staple transition shade in the palette.  I got the same comments about this shade as Sunday afternoon.  Silky, pigmented and one of the best mattes I own now.  There is a bit of fall out due to its super finely milled characteristics but I simply tap it off when it is on the brush first before I apply it on the skin.

Orange spice: Bright pastel peach shade (matte finish)
I use this shade mostly as a transition color since it isn’t super bright.  In the crease, it gives a nice wash of orange without being crazy strong.  There is the perfect amount of orange in it without looking too red in my skin which is nice.

Dark Roasted: Dark golden bronze shade with fine golden shimmers (shimmery finish)
To be honest, this isn’t the most memorable shade nor is it that much different to all the bronze eyeshadows out in the world right now.  But this shade is super pigmented with no fall outs and is a great combo in this palette.  If you only had this palette on your vacation, it makes sense.  I mainly use this shade in the crease to define the outer part of the eye but I still don’t think it is dark enough for my liking.

Missha color filter shadow palette review

Here is the eye look I created.  I used Sunday afternoon first as a wash of color along with a bit of Sand castle above it to blend it close to my brows.  Then I took orange spice into the crease to start creating the splash of orange.  There is a bit of orange spice in there to brighten up that orange and then I brought in Dark roasted in the creases. There is also baked apricot on the inner part of my eyelid as well as on the tear duct. I finished it off with a bit of sunlit beach in the center of my lid for a glittery highlight.

Lasting power:
Without primer, these eyeshadows last on average about 4 hours and would start to fade.  With primer, this lasts easily more than 6 hours and stays put.  Please do keep in mind that I have dry lids and I never really produce any oils on my eyelids.

No fragrance was detected.

-good selection of finishes
-silky mattes, very pigmented shimmery shades
-nice mix of neutrals and pops of color

-needs a slightly darker shade

Yes!  I’d love to check out more shades for this palette.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I think this palette is a solid one and definitely a good buy at the price point of $23 on Jolse.  You don’t get a crazy amount of product in total in this palette (14.5 g) but I have never used up an eyeshadow in my life so I’m kind of fine with the amount they give you.  There is a great variety of finishes in this palette and the colors were very well thought out.  That orange shade still got me dreaming of orange popsicles hehe.  Overall I actually think this palette is a great buy and definitely pick it up if your in a super summery mood like me and want to be festive.
Product gifted by Jolse, not sponsored.

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