What’s new in K-beauty vol. 14

It is finally that time again!!  New volume of what’s new in K-beauty. I’ve actually been meaning to do this one sooner but I felt like there wasn’t enough content so I held off for a bit.  Now that there are enough interesting products, IT IS TIMEEEE.  So many new Cosrx products, a cute collection from The saem and couple of interesting products from Too cool for school.  On top of that, 3CE is killing it with their purple lipstick line and a summer collection as well.  Let’s cut to the chase and get into it!

Cosrx balancium comfort ceramide cream $26 (Amazon exclusive)
If you haven’t heard already, Cosrx came out with another new product!  They are on fire this year eh?  This one is an Amazon prime exclusive and I’m not sure if it will open to regular customers later on but it would be weird for them not to right?  They did tell me they were going to update their ceramide line, but I didn’t know when it was going to hit.  So when my friends at Cosrx sent me the picture and was like “you want to try”… its not even a question.  You just have to send it to me LOL.  Me + my dry skin + ceramide= happy life.  I’ve been using it for the past few days and it is bombbbbb.  It reminds me of the Dr. Jart Ceramide cream or the Holika Holika super cera cream but this one from Cosrx is slightly less greasy.

Cosrx Hydrogel very simple pack 20,000 won
This one isn’t brand spanking new but it did come out a month ago or so.  Unfortunately, this is another item that isn’t sold outside of Korea at the moment due to some contract agreement with the model/ collaborator Hanbyul.  Hanbyul is the model of the product as well as the person who helped create the product and because of the contract, we don’t get to try this amazingness T__T.  I actually saw this product back in January when I was in Korea, and I have begged and begged for them to send it to me and I finally got it two days ago HAHA.  I tested it out last night and it was super cooling on the cheeks and lightly moisturizes as well.  The circle shape is a little hard to get used to but I’m wondering now if I could cut it in half and use it as an undereye mask hehe.

Cosrx low pH cleansing milk gel 17,000 won
Cosrx’s low pH cleanser has been my holy grail for years and I can’t tell you how many bottles I have gone through.  They have FINALLY came out with a cleansing milk gel and I’m still waiting on their cleansing oil to be officially released. COME ON COSRX!!  My heart is not complete without it hehe.
3CE Purple matte lip color (3 shades) 20,000 won
Purple is my absolute favorite when it comes to lipsticks and DAMN this is right up my alley.  They come in three shades, #223 mauve which is a slightly more pinky-lavender shade, #224 Delicate slightly darker then mauve and less pink and #225 Flexible which looks like a dark grape color.  UGH so pretty and I have tried the formula before in the past (click here for my review and swatches) and they just blew me away.  Although I’m not a huge fan of matte lipsticks because of their drying properties,  I do like the pouty effect that it gives the lips. 

3CE take a layer collection
-multi pot (7 shades) $22
-tinted water tint (5 shades) $15
-layering nail lacquer (5 shades) $19

This collection came just in time for summer.  The packaging makes everything look high end and I’m actually really interested in trying their multi pots which are blusher/ lip colors.  Each of the shades/packagings has a different image of their model which is a really interesting and 3CE touch.  If you guys haven’t heard the news from a couple of months back, 3CE is been bought out by L’oreal for $371 million.  My GODDD!! LOL

3CE  velvet lip tint kit $120
If you guys have been itching to get their velvet lip tints, I think this is actually quite a good buy.  You get 10 shades for $120, that would mean it is $12 each.  Normally each shade would be $16, so you save about $40 if you were already going to get em anyways.  I usually never buy sets like this since they always contain a lot of reds and I ain’t-a red girl.  I’m more of a neutral and dusty rose shades or lavenders.  But velvet finishes is AMAZING and I would definitely love to try these if I had the chance in the future.

A’pieu eye color pointe palette (2 versions) 19,800 won
I don’t know if it is just me or palettes now don’t really interest me.  A lot of the times, the color range and grouping of shades are always too close to other brands.  Like there is the brown neutrals, the pinky neutrals, purple.. like I’m kind of over it.  I want to see more innovation in shade ranges, please!  I get it, I’m such a neutral girl on a day to day but I need some flame back in this eyeshadow relationship you know?

A’pieu Go go stick (4 shadow, 4 cheek, 2 concealer) 4,500 won
I actually don’t have enough of cream shadow pencils so I’m happy to see these.  But again, the shade range looks hella boring so pass!

A’pieu Hamamelis line
-pore balm 9,000 won
-sheet mask 1,500 won
-toner 9,000 won
-cream 9,000 won
-T-zone serum 9,000 won

I’m not sure if this whole line is new but I think there are three new releases in this line.  Again, nothing really interests me but I thought I’d show you guys anyways.

A’pieu  juicy pang blusher (4 new shades) 5,500 won
After falling in love with Skinfood’s juice extraction blushes, I’m so tempted to get these and test them out too. The shade range looks slightly dustier then the ones I have from Skinfood.  Ohhhhh I’m so eyeing these hehe.

A’pieu Madecassoside Blue
-toner 12,000 won

-lotion 12,000 won
-cleansing foam

A’pieu personal tone concealer palette (2 versions) 16,500 won
I haven’t really found any concealer I have truly fallen in love with.  The only recent one I found that actually does its job and not dry up under my eyes is the Clio color corrector in the orange shade to cancel out my dark circles.  But I still have to find a flesh tone concealer to work under my eyes sigh.  I’m definitely interested in this palette and might pick it up the next time I’m shopping on Jolse.A’pieu personal tone cover foundation (12 shades) 12,000 won
I’m SO happy to see K-beauty companies finally recognizing that 3 shades doesn’t fit a demographic of millions of people in Korea as well as overseas.  A’pieu along with many other companies have stepped up and created foundations with 12 shades :OOOO.  I wonder what the finish is like because I’d totally actually give this foundation a try.

A’pieu volumizing hair jelly pact (3 shades) 9,500 won
BB cushions have been a long time but there are hair cushions now?  I mean I think I have seen them before but never in three shades :O.  Okay, question.  If your hair is really thinning, would you actually put makeup on your head to cover it up?  Because I think it would congest my scalp or I’d forget to remove it and go to bed.  Right?

A’pieu volumizing hair cushion bong (3 shades) 8,500 won

Bbia lip ink tattoo (5 shades) 11,000 won
Bbia has been a brand I’ve been liking but it is really hard to get overseas and not many online retailers sell them.  I know Jolse has a few products from them but it isn’t an extensive line that’s for sure.  They came out with 5 new lip tint shades and most of the are red LOL.  Surprise surprise.

Clio Play my my collection
-kill cover founwear cushion (3 shades) 32,000 won
-prism multi palette (2 versions) 35,0000 won
-rouge heel velvet (4 shades) 18,000 won
-kill cover conceal kit 18,000 won
-nail styler polish 5,000 won

Eglips saranghae-zoo collection
-cotton candy tint (3 shades) 10,000 won

-cream blush (3 shades) 9,000 won
-dual concealer (2 shades) 13,000 won
-primer 9,000 won
-headbands (bunny, bear) 10,000 won

Eglips and Bbia is under the same company and they are both equally hard to get your hands on in my opinion.  A couple of years back, I actually bought some of the saranghae zoo collection but I don’t know if it is the same stuff.  I got their primer, concealer, duo cream concealer as well as their foundation.  This collection seems to be an update maybe?  I mean the duo concealer and the primer looks the same but just a cuter and pinker packaging.  The headbands are to die for tho!  So cute!!

Etude House Any cushion aqua touch (online only) 3 shades 20,000 won
When I first started out using BB cushions, I thought I liked them any cushion line.  But later on, when I tried more and more BB cushions, I realized the formulation was a bit too drying for my skin type.  Years later, they came out with a moisture version… so late man LOL.

Etude House dear my blooming lips tok rose kiss edition 50,000 won
I was so close to getting this collection.  When I looked up swatches for it though, it looked like half the collection was red and I’m not that big of a fan of reds :'(.  The size is relatively decent and for 12 shades for $50, that is not a bad deal at all~

Etude House play color multi palette (3 versions) 27,500 won

Etude House peptide bubble up serum (online only Korea) 27,500 won
Finally something somewhat interesting.  I’ve been really paying attention to lip products lately and been seeing a lot of bubble lip stuff.  I haven’t tried anything that bubbles on the lips.. have you?  Let me know what it’s like.

Etude House play color eye palette (3 versions) 29,500 won

Etude House play color lip and cheek palette (2 versions) 22,000 won

Etude House  active proof collection
-shield ware color tint 8,000 won

-liquid fitting base (2 versions) 13,000 won
 -cooldown soothing gel 12,000 won
-brow & hair drawing tip (2 shades) 8,000 won

Heimish aqua light tone up 22,000 won
Sometimes I mix up Heimish and Huxley haha.  I actually kind of like Heimish products, mostly their eyeshadow palettes in specific.  Their cushion… not so much.  They came out with a tone up cream, meaning a brightening base product.  I still haven’t found any that I truly like.  Blah…. they are always all just too pale or white looking.  Am I right or am I right?

Laneige  Sparkle my way collection
-stained glass tick (4 shades) 23,000 won

-water bank hydro essence 40,000 won
-fresh calming balancing toner 26,000 won
-cover cushion 32,000 won
-Quick morning mask 25,000 won

For the summertime, Laneige repackaged a couple of their items.  The only product I have tried is the water bank hydro essence and I actually quite like that!  It was hydrating and lightweight, it was nice.  Can’t comment on the rest of the collection but if you see your favorites, let me know!!  I still want to try their lip bar tint things and even the stained glass balms they have in this collection.

Missha Eye painting shadow (5 shades) 6,000 won
I still have yet to find good cream color shadows from K-beauty but these look really promising!  I’m eyeing that gold up top as well as that blush champagne shade :O. 

Missha Magnettight lip lacquer (5 shades) 12,000 won
Although I don’t really care for lip tints, these shades from Missha actually look really nice and not so highlighter lips.  The shades look nice a neutral and the finish is a matte instead of that watery mess.  I’m guessing the K-beauty world has now caught onto the velvet/matte trend eh?

Missha star pop festa (12 shades) 8,000 won
I’m not too sure if these shades from star pop festa collection is limited edition but there seems to be 12 shade for this product.  I’m really tempted to try it since it looks so pretty but at the same time, it might be a creasing nightmare.  If you have tried it, please let me know how it is :).

Missha wish stone tint water gel (12 shades) 6,500 won
Again, I’m not sure if these tints are all limited edition but there seem to be these purple ones as well as orange packaged ones.  Either way, packaging is cute but tints are meh.  The colors are all so repetitive.  I want to see something different for a change!!

Missha velvet finish cushion (2 shades) 18,000 won

Peri Pera dal dal factory collection
-airy ink cushion (3 shades) 11,200 won

-sugar lip glitter (2 shades) 7,200 won
-sugar twinkle glitter palette 12,800 won
-Peri’s mini fridge 19,500 won
-Skin tint mint tone 8,000 won
-ink the gelato (2 shades) 7,200 won

Peri Pera always comes out with the cutest collections ever and this time it is no exception.  The cushion is so cute and I actually still haven’t tried that formula.  The lip tint actually makes me want to try it but it item that is really unique is the Skin tint in mint tone.  I’d totally tap that HAHA.

Makeon Gem sono therapy
No news on what this does exactly (or that I just can’t read Korean) but Makeon announced yet another new device.  This is so close to the under eye device :O.  I wonder what this is hmm…
Skinfood vita color delicious lipstick (creamy) 4 new shades
I’m totally eyeing that purple color!!  I heard in Korea at the moment, Skinfood is going on a product shortage or something?  Physical stores have to resort to ordering products online to keep stores stock :O.  Maybe that is why the salmon under eye concealer that I’ve been dying to try is so damn hard to get my hands on.

Swisspure lip and cheek 8,000 won
Swisspure is a brand that hasn’t got much love on the internet.  There is barely any overseas blogger talking about the brand so I thought I’d cover some of the newer items from them.  I only have their BB cushion and I don’t remember liking it but these cream blushers are right up my alley ;D.   This brand is under the same company as Missha and A’pieu just an FYI.

Swisspure brilliance ampoule foundation  (2 shades) 8,000 won
Although I have a couple of favorite foundations from Clio and Etude House, I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing.  For a dry skin type like me, ampoule sounds very tempting.Too cool for school check jelly eyes (12 shades) 7,000 won

Too cool for school check kiss tinted sticks (5 shades) 9,500 won

The saem x Overaction rabbit collection
-lip paint (2 new shades) 9,000 won

-Eco soul sparkling eye (3 shades) 8,000 won
-Eco soul power stay cushion (3 shades) 12,000 won
-foundation perfect effect 12,000 won
-perfect pore powder 14,000 won

This HAS to be the cutest collection everrrr!!  The saem’s packaging to be honest is quite boring so its finally time for them to get some cute shit!!  I loveee their aqua glow cushion and am now willing to try more from the brand.  I’m actually eyeing the eye glitters for some odd reason…
-green tea cleansing water 8,500 won
-tea tree cleansing water 8,500
-body shower tissue 3,000 won
-dry shampoo tissue 3,000 won
-hand essence (5 scents) 3,000 won
-ice lemon soothing gel 6,500 won

-mild sun cushion 16,000 won
-tone up sun cream 8,500 won
-clear sun stick 13,000 won
-no sebum sun cream 12,000 won

Ohh I’d also love the sun cushion or the sun stick :O.  Those of you that want something lightweight for sun protection, give sticks a try.  I always have good luck with it and they’re convenient! 

The face shop x Apeach collection
-cherry blossom body wash 16,000 won

-cherry blossom hand and body lotion 16,000 won
-blossom tint (4 shades) 12,000 won
-natural line eco baby mild sun cushion 20,000 won
-Dr. Belmar daily tone cream 25,000 won
mono pop eyes (2 versions) 22,000 won
clear sunscreen stick (2 versions) 22,000 won
-hand cream 8,000 won
BB cushion 20,000 won
-oil clear blotting powder 13,000 won

Although the face shop has arguably the cutest collaborations, I can’t say their quality is there.  A lot of their products are a hit or miss for me and I really can’t think of one product I really really like them.  After the Ryan collection (which made my heart explode), they collaborated with Apeach.  The baby cushion is so damnnn cute!!!! AHHH

Hopefully, this round up was satisfying :).  Now that I’m crossed eyed, i’m going to sign off now.  Cheers~

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