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Olens spanish line try on and reviewI think it is no secret that I love O-lens.  They are solely the company I go to when I wear color contacts and the only one that I trust with y dry ass eyes.  If you haven’t checked out my other posts, click here if you want to see my all time favourite Russian velvet line as well as the Teen Teen sliver.  I’m honestly surprised I haven’t posted more of their contacts, but at the same time I don’t want them to go to waste and open them all at the same time since you can only wear them for a month after you’ve opened them. They recently came out with a Spanish line and I was droooooling.  I was about to buy them myself but they actually offered to send me all of the shades.  Since then, they came out with two more shades and I’m DYING!  I’ve actually been wanting to try some green color contacts and they did just that!  So let’s get into the try on and I’ll share my experiences and opinion.  Let’s go go!

If you guys don’t know who O-lens are, they are a Korean based contact brand which you can find all over Korea.  Heck, you can find one of many stores without trying in Korea since there is (what feels like) one on every block!  So if your going to Korea, you really don’t have to look for them.  They will look for you.  They have many options such as 1 day wear, 2 weeks and 1 month.  And yes, you do have to wash them every time you wear them.  These are your eyes we are talking about them.  If you are unsure of how to wear them or a newbie, please go to your local optometrist to get your eyes checked as well as educated.  Eyes are super delicate and you only got one pair so PLEASE take care of them.  I personally use Clear care triple action cleansing solution since all you have to do is stick your contacts into the little cage according to left and right eye, pour some of the solutions into the bottle and then close it.  It then creates these magical bubbles and cleanses your contacts for you but you can’t wear it for 8 hours so you’ve been warned.  You can easily buy this in Costco for cheap.  If you need more of an intro, please check out my first review on Olens.Olens spanish Olens spanish contactsThis line comes with 5 shades (top to bottom, left to right): Real brown, real grey, real sky, real peach, real olive
$24 for monthly, 2 lenses in each box

What caught my attention is the graphic design being similar to Russian velvet’s where the detailing is in the form of fine lines.  A lot of other color contacts either are a solid block of color or in a swirl format.  I personally found graphics designed in fine lines not only look more natural but blends into your natural eye color better.  So for dark brown eye people that want to have a full-color change, you won’t look like an alien.  I’ve actually had people ask me up front if I’m wearing color contacts or not.  That is how natural these look.

Olens contacts spanishNow each design you get, you get them in a pretty box like this that is color corresponding according to the shade that you bought.  Right now, the Spanish line is still on bogo if you are planning to buy.  So not only do you get 2 pieces in each box, you’d get 4 pieces that would last you for 2 months.  And if you’re like me and need two degrees, you would only be paying for $24!

Color contacts for brown eyesHere are my natural eyes.  They are dark as dark brown can get.  Sorry about my hairy ass forehead LOL.  It is what it is :P.  I have super dark black ring around my eyes and dark reddish chocolate colored eyes, so I need color contacts that are super effective when it comes to changing my eye color.  I personally can wear medium coverage color contacts for max 6-8 hours and light coverage color contacts for 8+ hours.  What I mean is the density of the color contact.So something like the Secriss daily in coral brown has graphics that are super dense.  I can feel my eye being tired after 4-6 hours whereas the Russian velvet light browns I can wear for more then 6-8+ hours.  I hope that makes sense and you get what I mean.  I thought the Spanish line was about the same as the Russian velvets, but to my surprise, this line more so enhances your natural eye color with a hint of either brown, silver, blue, pink or green.  The outside doesn’t have a ring to it and it is 3 color blended into it, making it look even more natural.  You’ll see what I mean when you see them ton.

First up is the Spanish real sky.  I personally really like blue eyes, but the Russian velvet blue are so dramatically different, I need to be in the mood for it and have a stronger make up look to pull it off.  This one from the Spanish line is a good in between where it looks natural but you stillg et that blue feel.

Olens spanish blue

Olens spanish blue try onThe coloring on this is perfect.  It almost looks blueish hazel and like I said, there isn’t a ring on the outside, so it just blends into your natural eyes effortlessly.  Compared to the promo picture, in real life, it doesn’t look as anime blue but I’m kind of digging it.

Next up is the Spanish real grey.  I loveeee me some grey and again, the Russian velvet grey is a mood alright.  I tried pulling it off one time and couldn’t because it just looked so shark and silver almost :'(.  I think this Spanish gray, I like over the Russian velvet but it really depends on what you’re looking for.  If you want a complete color change, go for the Russian velvet ones.  If you want a natural accent, go for these ones.

Olens spanish grey

Olens spanish grey try onI had to double take because I thought I put the wrong pictures haha. I thought these were the blue ones since it looks more like the promo picture, but these are definitely the grey ones.  I love the slight icy blue accents near the center.  This is so pretty!!!

And last but not least, my always favorite color to wear.. brown LOL.  Brown is so easy to wear, especially for me since it is my natural color but sometimes I just want a slightly lighter brown.  These are perfectttt and give me a slight amber-brown accent but blend into my eyes so well that the Apple store guy and I had a good 30-minute chat about the color contacts hehe.  Color contacts bring people together :P. Olens spanish real brown

Olens spanish real brown try on

Olens contacts USAOh and yes, I actually wore these to my graduation.  It looks super natural right?  You wouldn’t even be able to tell I wear wearing color contacts.  Now I’m praying no one takes my grad pic to use to sell color contacts only LOL.  My bangs are kinda fucked up here but its the only decent pic I got T_T.

So in conclusion, what is the difference between the Russian Velvets and the Spanish line?
-Spanish line has a graphic diameter of 11.9 mm
-Russian velvet graphic diameter of 12.7 mm
-Spanish line has no graphic ring= blends into your natural eye color better
-Russian velvet more of a complete color change; Spanish accentuates what you already got
-both are $24 for 2 pcs, monthly

Which ones do I like better?  I kind of can’t pick but it would be based on the occasion.  Spanish line is better for every day or if your shy/ new to color contacts, Spanish line is a great starter.  Russian velvet is a complete color change and the light brown is always my go to if I want a subtle light brown eye look.  Both have the same hydrating comfortability, it just depends on what you’re looking for. 

Also so many people have been asking me on Instagram where the Olens global site is. 
This is it: https://www.olensglobal.com/

But you do have to pay for international shipping, which isn’t actually that bad.  I checked how much it is to ship to Canada and it was $11, which is quite standard.  So happy shopping and remember, some of the most popular styles are still on bogo!!Product gifted by Olens, not sponsored (but I wish 😉 hehe).

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  1. Alexis

    These lenses are gorgeous! The most natural that I’ve seen by far. Your photos make them look better than the promo shots!

    1. Christina

      Aww thank you :D. I was praying to god that the camera or my face wouldn’t shake so it could be in focus haha. Which ones are your favourite shades?

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