Sunday Funday Unboxing

Sunday Funday MemeboxYEY!  Your girl is finally doing the unboxing for her own box LOL.  Dang I am so darn late on this.  I was trying to sort some confusion out before I would post my unboxing since there seemed to be some mix up with one of the sheet masks, which I will get into in a second.  Anyways, if you don’t recall, Fiddysnails and I curated our own boxes with Memebox.  May we proudly present to you, SUNDAY FUNDAY :). So let’s jump right into the products itself and see what is included.

P.S.  If you didn’t read my first post on the box, here it is.  In the first post, I show you our design that we created, the story behind it and my commentary as well.  Also if you would like to check out Fiddy’s unboxing along with her reviews on the products, click here!

Sunday Funday Memebox

How much is the box?
$35 + free shipping
I’m not saying this because I’m bias but this box really is a good value.  If you have been eyeing any of these items, paying just a couple more bucks and you’d be getting a whole lot more.
-Prelab toning peeling tap 15 pcs $20
-NeoGen Code9 Glacial magic pore mask $36
-Mini sized slowganic cleanser $3.30
-I’m Meme I’m tint balm in Rose Burgundy $7
-Holika Holika Gudetama Lazy & easy All kill sheet mask $5
-Mediheal dress code mask (Ginseng) $2
Total: $74 value for only $35!
sunday funday box content

International shipping?
Unfortunately Memebox doesn’t ship internationally anymore, they only ship within USA.  Yes yes, I know.  I can hear your booing through the screen too.  I don’t like that either since if I want anything, I have to cross the border to pick it up.  It’s not fun for me either but that’s just how it is. :'(  Sorry guys.

Sunday Funday Memebox unboxingMemebox has sure changed from back in the day.  I remember the excitement of getting the hot pink boxes that was protected in hot pink bubble wrap.  Every box was different and contained K-beauty products we never heard of.  Nowadays, they do curated boxes and have since switched their focus to selling K-beauty just in the US market and have ditched international shipping.

Sunday Funday box memeboxThis box really got me saying “MOM!  I made it :D. Look mom!!  I’m in a box… LOL”  Okay that sounds weird. I’m having my moment like those kids on T.V that’s like HEY MOM :D, I’m on T.V!!  Honestly this might be one of my most proudest moments since this is the first time I’ve ever done anything cool like this.  Growing up as a kid, I was never excelled in anything other then drawing, painting, cooking and such, nothing that would be able to make me big bucks haha.  So to be able to actually write all this out and have it printed for the masses, that is COOL!

Sunday funday curated MemeboxWhat do you guys think about the descriptions? Fiddy and I worked really hard on it :).

Gudetama skincareBird’s eye view of inside the box.

memebox korean skincareOhhhh baby!


Ginseng sheet mask medihealMediheal dress code red sheet mask (Ginseng)

First up is one of Fiddy’s favourite, ginseng!  For those of you who don’t know what ginseng is, it is a herbal plant which has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for decades.  As for skincare benefits, ginseng is know to be anti-aging as well as the ability to improve skin complexion due to the richness of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which in return, metabolizes skin cells and aid in elimination of dead skin cells in order to make way for new cells to be produced.

This sheet mask from Mediheal features red ginseng as it’s main ingredient “which helps the skin develop stronger cells” along with the anti-aging functions.  Not only is it good for the skin, this specific mask is a lot of fun to use since it has a masquerade print right on the mask itself!

13584187_547629238754546_666292_n(1)Keke if you followed me on Instagram, you would have seen a lot of these products since I was stealthy showing them on my IG page ;P.

Gudetama sheet maskHolika Holika x Gudetama Lazy & easy all kill sheet mask

Both Fiddy and I are obsessed with Gudetama, so it would only make sense to include something from Holika Holika’s recent collaboration with Gudetama.  I think I’ve proven myself worthy with the giant Gudetama stash I hauled back from Hong Kong keke.  There is a little bit of Gudetama all over my house now and it’s awesome!!!

Gudetama sheet maskI haven’t seen many sheet masks that are two step or ones that even come with a make up remover!  This one from Holika Holika called “all kill” sheet mask comes with a make up remover as step one, which Gudetama indicates with his shiny bald head and hidden shiny bum bum.  For step two, there is a sheet mask to inject make some hydration into your skin.  Of course, cleanse and tone your skin before you use the sheet mask.

*PSA:  Please note, I have seen some of you guys who has tagged me on IG your Sunday Funday box and there seems to be a slight mix up with the packing team at Memebox.  Some of you guys are getting the regular sheet mask and not the all kill sheet mask.  If that is the case, no worries!  Just message Memebox and they will be more then happy to send you the right out.  It’s all good, hakuna matata am I right? If your still mad, I can even sing you the song :).  I got noooo shame~*Facial cleanserRecipe cosmetics Slowganic cleansers (Deluxe sample trio pack)

This is an OG product right here. I remember back in 2014 when Memebox was still a mystery curated box, I saw these a long time ago but never got them in any of the 40 boxes I purchased.  Yes… I had a problem.  I bought 40 of their boxes LOL.  This trio pack is a great start if you don’t know if you’d like these cleanser and don’t want to waste $24.

Facial cleanserThese were super intriguing since it has a very unique, marshmallow texture.  Not only is the texture unique, the formula is actually really awesome too!  I’m currently using the mint version and it works great for my nose. Combining it with my A’pieu blackhead tool, this cleanser somehow gives me an illuminated, Ruldoph glow.Getting rid of blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads

Mud Mask neogenNeoGen Code9 Glacial magic pore mask
Bubbling masks has been a product I’ve been itching to try but never got the chance to.  Luckily for me, Fiddy recommended this product from Neogen which is a mud mask along with the unique touch of BUBBLES! Unlike other bubbling masks such as Elizavecca’s, this one doesn’t create as many bubbles as the carbonated ones.  They also claim that this mask was essentially made from my backyard, mud from the West Coast of BC. So much Canadian in one jar!

Korean mud maskWhen you first get your jar, you are greeted with a plastic cap that is taped down on the outside of the box.  DO NOT THROW IT AWAY.  Once you take the seal off, the mud mask can easily dry up, which is where the plastic lid comes into play.  Inside, there is a gauze type thing covering the mask, which you can also see a little bit of bubble action happening.

Korean bubble maskLike I mentioned before, this mask doesn’t really bubble up much, which you can see in my picture.  Where it looks like there is moss growing out of my skin, that is the bubbles. You do feel a slight tingly, bubbly action happening when you have the mask on which is a fun and new experience for me.  What I really like about this mud mask is the fact that it isn’t too thick on the skin and doesn’t suck out every ounce of moisture from my skin.  I barely use mud masks in general with that reason in mind, but this one is definitely different.  I’m enjoying it thoroughly myself :).Korean Chemical peelPrelab toning peeling tap
If you know me, then you know I love anything peeling.  Peeling gel, peeling mask, anything peeling that can help me with my dead skin.  So when Fiddy introduced me to these “peeling tap”, this strange looking tablets that look like something I should be ingesting, I was like hmm, let’s give it a shot.  When I first tried this myself, my dumb ass thought it was a mask which you leave on and then wash off.  Then I found out, after wasting one tab, that it is actually an essence you leave on your skin and it will do the magic for you.
Prelab Chemical peel korean skincareYou use this product by squeezing out the essence from the tap and you’ll see it come through the fuzzy circle.  Then you hold the tab like a handle and massage the essence into your skin.  Use it after you have cleansed and toned your skin.  Just massage it in, let it absorb and then continue on with your regular hydration routine.  I didn’t think it was doing much for my skin at first, but the next morning, my skin seemed to have a nice glow, even without me doing my full routine with the textured pad and everything.  I think I’m in love!!

tinted lip balmI’m meme I’m tint balm in Rose Burgundy
Last but not least, one of my all time favourite products, I’m tint balm from Memebox’s make up line. If you remember from a while back, I posted a review on their I’m tint balm and I absolutely fell in love and raved and raved it.  The product itself is awesome and it is a dupe for Dior’s addict lip glow, which retails for an arm and a leg.  This one from Memebox not only costs $7 each, they also come in four shades and contains more product!  Like WAHHHH~~
(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ 

tinted lip balmThe shade I choose for this box was a shade I thought would be a very universal color for all skin types.  Don’t worry, it isn’t a scary red but a very natural “i’m rosy” type of shade on the lips.  Not only does it tint the lips, it is also very moisturizing!Korean tinted lip balm

I'm meme tinted lip balmExcuse the freckle looking things on my hand, I’m going through something called “Phytophotodermatitis (PPD)” which I will blog about down the road.  Is it weird that something bad happens to me and all I can think of is “ohhh!  I have to blog about this so people know about this. Document it, document it!” HAHA.  Don’t worry, it is just a mild case since I don’t have blisters from it luckily.

Anyways, this shade is just like what the name sounds like.  It is a shade that is in between a strawberry and a raspberry.  You could also describe it as “rose burgundy”. LOL no shit… I personally have quite pigmented lips, so a lot of light shades don’t really work for me.  So the true test is if you can actually tell it is on my lips or not.

Korean moisturizing lip balm
I'm meme tinted balm dior lip glow dupeIf you know me, I don’t really like really bold colors on a daily basis since I’m usually bare face and don’t want the focus to be on my lips.  I tend to wear just lip balm and if I’m feeling fancy, a tinted lip balm or a nude gloss.  This shade not only tints my lips, but also hydrates and makes my lips look juicy without the “I just drooled all over my lips” kind of glossy.

With all that being said, this box is available on Memebox and there is limited stock, so if you want it, don’t wait!  For $35 + free shipping, it is a great deal.  If you have already bought this box, make sure to tag me!  I love seeing your posts on it and sharing the excitement with me as well :).

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